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Albrecht Friedrich von Prussia (born April 29, 1553 in Königsberg , † August 27, 1618 in Fischhausen ) had been the ruling duke in Prussia since 1568 .

Duke Albrecht Friedrich
Albrecht Friedrich as a young duke

Descent and youth

Albrecht Friedrich was born as the son of the first Duke in Prussia, Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach , and his second wife Anna Maria von Braunschweig on April 29, 1553 at Neuhausen Castle in Samland .


He enjoyed a good upbringing. When both his father and mother died of the plague on March 20, 1568 , he inherited his father as Duke in Prussia. Since he was only 14 years old at that time, he stood up in 1571 under the guardianship of 1566 by the feudal party led top councils . In alliance with the clergy , above all Heshusius , Bishop of Samland , they tyrannized the young, orphaned prince, deprived of all support, so much that he fell into depression soon after he took office in 1571 .

On October 14, 1573 Albrecht married Marie Eleonore von Jülich-Kleve-Berg , daughter of Wilhelm the Rich and Maria von Habsburg .

When the duke became increasingly mentally confused , in 1577 Margrave Georg Friedrich of Brandenburg-Kulmbach and Brandenburg-Ansbach was appointed administrator of the duchy by the Polish king Stephan Báthory , who was then feudal lord over Prussia, and in 1578 he was enfeoffed with the duchy.

He was followed as regent in 1603 by Elector Joachim Friedrich and in 1608 by his son Johann Sigismund , Albrecht's son-in-law from his marriage to his eldest daughter Anna .

Albrecht Friedrich died in complete mental confusion on August 27, 1618 in Fischhausen, without leaving a male heir. Thus his duchy fell to the Brandenburg line of the Hohenzollern .


From his marriage to Marie Eleonore von Jülich-Kleve-Berg there were seven children:

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