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Marie Eleonore, Duchess of Prussia (ca.1600)

Marie Eleonore von Jülich-Kleve-Berg (born June 16, 1550 in Kleve ; † June 1, 1608 in Königsberg ) was Duchess of Prussia by marriage from October 14, 1573 until her death .


Marie Eleonore was the eldest daughter of Wilhelm the Rich Duke of Jülich, Kleve and Berg from 1539 to 1592 and his second wife Maria Archduchess of Austria and thus a sister of Johann Wilhelm Duke of Jülich-Kleve-Berg from 1592 to 1609.


Albrecht Friedrich, Duke in Prussia (1612)

While her father was a reformist Catholic, the strong-willed Marie Eleonore showed strong sympathy for the Lutheran faith at an early age. Her father feared that she might influence her younger sisters according to their religious views; therefore he wanted to marry her off as quickly as possible and thus remove her from his countries. He married her to Albrecht Friedrich Herzog in Prussia from 1568 to 1618, although he had not previously found him to be a suitable husband for his daughter for political and religious reasons. The wedding took place on October 14, 1573 in Königsberg .

Soon Duke Albrecht Friedrich showed signs of mental illness . In his place from 1577 Margrave Georg Friedrich I of Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Kulmbach led the regency. As a result, Marie Eleonore found herself in an even more problematic position at the Herzogshof in Königsberg. In 1591 she returned to Jülich with two of her daughters and stayed there until the following year. One of the purposes of the trip was to find suitable husbands for their daughters. As a result, she arranged marriages of her daughters with German princes - including those from the electoral Brandenburg house - so that the Regency Council in Prussia could not marry her daughters to Polish marriage candidates. In this way she achieved that the Duchy of Prussia and, after the death of her brother Johann Wilhelm (1609), parts of the Duchy of Jülich passed into the possession of Kurbrandenburg.


Marie Eleonore and Duke Albrecht Friedrich had the following children:

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