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Portrait of Christian of Brandenburg-Bayreuth by Heinrich Bollandt , Plassenburg , Margrave room
Portrait of Christian of Brandenburg-Bayreuth
Founding document of the Protestant Union in Auhausen an der Wörnitz on May 14, 1608 (today in the Bavarian State Archives): Christian, Margrave of Brandenburg (top right)

Christian von Brandenburg-Bayreuth (born January 30, 1581 in Cölln an der Spree ; † May 30, 1655 in Bayreuth ) was Margrave of the Franconian Principality of Bayreuth from 1603 to 1655.


Christian from the Hohenzollern family was a son of the Brandenburg Elector Johann Georg and his third wife Elisabeth (1563–1607), daughter of Prince Joachim Ernst von Anhalt .

In 1603 he took over the rule of the Margraviate of Brandenburg-Kulmbach after the Ansbach-Jägerndorfer branch of the old line of the Franconian Hohenzollern had died out with the death of Georg Friedrich I. He founded the Kulmbach-Bayreuth branch of the younger line of the Franconian Hohenzollern.

The takeover of rule had already been legitimized and prepared in 1598 by the Gera house contract . He took over the government at the same time as that of his brother Joachim Ernst in the neighboring Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach . From 1604 Christian moved the residence from Kulmbach to Bayreuth , whereby the Plassenburg ob Kulmbach remained a state fortress. The principality he ruled was no longer referred to as Brandenburg-Kulmbach, but as Brandenburg-Bayreuth after the new capital.

In 1606 he was elected district bishop of the Franconian Empire . He was one of the founders of the Protestant Union established on May 12, 1608 and allied himself with Sweden in the Thirty Years War . The small principality was hardly prepared for hostilities in its own country. Troop movements of strong friendly and hostile units led to chaotic conditions. The population increasingly suffered from the expense of feeding the troops and various payments imposed. The units directly subordinate to the margrave had hardly any military significance in view of the troop strengths that were passing through and only achieved notable successes by taking neighboring Bamberg towns. In this situation the margrave left his country. Emperor Ferdinand II deposed him in 1635 (Christian joined the Peace of Prague that year ), but he continued to rule.

In 1654, a year before his death, the elderly margrave went on a deer hunt in Neustadt an der Aisch , one of the four capitals of his country.

Under the company name Der Vollblühende he was accepted as a member of the literary fruitful society .


Coin with the portrait of the margrave

He married on 29 April 1604 the Plassenburg Marie (1579-1649), a daughter of Albert Frederick , Duke of Prussia , with whom he had the following children:

  • Elisabeth Eleonore (* / † 1606)
  • Georg Friedrich (* / † 1608)
  • Anna Maria (1609–1680)
⚭ 1639 Prince Johann Anton I von Eggenberg (1610–1649)
⚭ 1638 Elector Johann Georg II of Saxony (1613–1680)
  • Christian Ernst (1613-1614)
  • Erdmann August (1615–1651), Hereditary Prince of Brandenburg-Bayreuth
⚭ 1641 Princess Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1614–1646)
  • Georg Albrecht (1619–1666), (non-ruling) Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (branch line)
⚭ 1. 1651 Princess Marie Elisabeth of Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1628–1664)
⚭ 2. 1665 Countess Sophie Marie zu Solms-Baruth (1626–1688)
  • Friedrich Wilhelm (* / † 1620)


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