Fred Kwasi Apaloo

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Fred Kwasi Apaloo (born January 9, 1921 , † April 2, 2000 ) was a leading lawyer and politician in Ghana and Kenya .

life and career

Apaloo grew up in Ghana and completed his secondary education at the Accra Academy in 1942. Apaloo held the post of Chief Justice of Ghana at the Supreme Court in Ghana between 1977 and 1986, replacing Samuel Azu Crabbe as sixth Chief Justice of the independent Ghana and nineteenth Chief Justice including predecessors in the Gold Coast Colony . Apaloo was replaced by ENP Sowah in the office of Chief Justice in Ghana.

Apaloo became Chief Justice during the military rule of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) under Ignatius Kutu Acheampong . Despite the transfer of power in 1978 to Fred Akuffo and in 1979 first to the military junta under Jerry Rawlings and later that year to President Hilla Limann , Apaloo remained in office. Only after power was again transferred to Jerry Rawlings in 1981, Apaloo resigned from office in 1986, making him the Chief Justice in Ghana's history with the most frequent changes of power during his tenure.

Apaloo succeeded Judge Alan Hancox as Chief Justice in Kenya in March 1993 .

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