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Walter Koschatzky (born August 17, 1921 in Graz , Styria , † May 9, 2003 in Vienna ) was an Austrian art historian and museum director.


Walter Koschatzky had to do military service in the Wehrmacht from 1940 to 1945 after attending the Realgymnasium Bundeserziehungsanstalt Liebenau and from 1936 the military middle school Liebenau .

From 1945 he studied art history , classical archeology , history and philosophy at the University of Graz and received his doctorate in 1952 . He had financed his studies with a jazz ensemble and work for the broadcasting group Alpenland operated by the British occupation forces and the Styrian State Theater.

In 1953 he was accepted as an employee of the office of the Styrian provincial government (Landesbildstelle, art topography), worked from 1955 in the Neue Galerie at the Landesmuseum Joanneum in Graz, where he was director from 1956 to 1961. With well-known art exhibitions, art discussions, series of lectures on the radio, art walks in Graz, art trips and activities in popular education, he made art the topic as an eloquent expert. In 1961 Albertina director Otto Benesch proposed him as his successor.

From January 1st, 1962 to October 1st, 1986 he was director of the Albertina Collection of Prints and Drawings in Vienna . During his tenure there were more than 200 exhibitions; Koschatzky was one of the most famous museum directors in Vienna. The list of exhibitions of his management began in 1962 with an exhibition on the 100th birthday of Gustav Klimt . Koschatzky supervised about 100 more exhibitions outside the Albertina, mostly abroad. In 1972 he exhibited master drawings from the Albertina in Moscow and Leningrad, and in 1985 in Washington DC and New York; In 1986 he presented European drawing in Beijing. Even after his retirement he continued to curate exhibitions. There were also various television programs about artists.

From 1973 to 1989 he taught at the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg .

Private life

Koschatzky was married to Trude Caroline Bauer since March 23, 1948, who died on July 12, 1994. On July 15, 1996, he married Gabriela Elias . Walter Koschatzky was buried in the Hietzinger Friedhof in Vienna in an honorary grave (group 66, row 11, number 13).

Publications (selection)

Koschatzky published numerous works on the history of hand drawings and printmaking techniques, including:

  • with Alice Strobl: The Albertina in Vienna . Residenz-Verlag, Salzburg 1969.
  • Albrecht Dürer - the landscape watercolors. Location, dating, style criticism . Verlag Jugend und Volk, Vienna 1971.
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  • Rudolf von Alt 1812–1905 (= publications of the Albertina 11). Residenz-Verlag, Salzburg 1975, ISBN 3-7017-0138-5 .
    • Second, much expanded edition: Rudolf von Alt. With a collection of works by the Alt painter family from Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG . Compiled and commented on by Walter Koschatzky and Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias. Böhlau, Vienna a. a. 2001, ISBN 3-205-99397-7 .
  • The art of drawing. Technology, history, masterpieces . Residenz-Verlag, Salzburg 1977, ISBN 3-7017-0172-5
  • with Kristian Sotriffer : With needle and acid. Five hundred years of the art of etching . Edition Tusch, Vienna 1982.
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