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Cemetery cross at Hietzing cemetery

The Hietzing Cemetery , officially designated as a cemetery Hietzing, is the most famous cemetery in Hietzing , since 1892 the 13th Vienna district .


The cemetery is located on the southern edge of Alt-Hietzing , the central part of the district, in the vicinity of the Schönbrunn palace and park area , the former imperial summer residence.

The cemetery grounds are bordered by Maxingstrasse in the west and by Elisabethallee in the south. To the east of the cemetery, on the other side of Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg, are the former dairy of Empress Elisabeth in the southern part of the palace park, which has an entrance here, the residential complexes Fasangartensiedlung and an area belonging to the Maria-Theresien-Kaserne (formerly part of the Fasangarten) in the north the small Maxingpark , which adjoins the Tyrolean garden outside the wall of the castle park.

The main entrance is at Maxingstrasse 15. The cemetery covers an area of ​​97,175 square meters and houses 11,207 grave sites. According to other information, there were only 9,694 grave sites in 2013.


Old graveyard

Until 1786 Hietzing belonged to the parish of Penzing , the neighboring village on the other bank of the Wien River . The dead therefore had to be buried in the “Gottesacker zu Penzing”. Nevertheless, there was probably a cemetery in the area of ​​Maxingstrasse 6 and Trauttmansdorffgasse 1 even before Hietzing was elevated to the status of a parish. Indications for this are the old cemetery cross from 1619 embedded in the front of the house at Maxingstrasse 6 and the note in the "Topography of Lower Austria" that the growth of the place in 1787 made the construction of a new cemetery on the Künigelberg necessary .

New cemetery

With the parish elevation of Hietzing, the new "Leichenhof" was built in the southwestern part of Hietzing and consecrated on February 12, 1787 by the dean Marcellin Jani of Klosterneuburg . Extensions took place in 1794, 1817 and 1835, with the cemetery being enclosed with a wall during the last extension. In 1861 the community of Hietzing took over the cemetery.

When the cemetery was expanded again in 1892, after the incorporation of Hietzing in 1890/1892 it was already owned by the Vienna city administration . It was intended as an interdenominational cemetery for the dead from Hietzing and Schönbrunn Palace . After the cemetery was expanded, a new morgue on Maxingstrasse with two morgues and an anteroom as well as an apartment for a guard was put into operation.

After several extensions around the turn of the century, the cemetery already comprised 26,129 square meters in 1905. In 1907 the cemetery was significantly expanded with a plot of land measuring 15,967 square meters. The new cemetery area was consecrated on January 4th, 1908. In 1913 the construction of a chapel and a morgue was completed. The existing properties, however, were converted into company apartments. The chapel was consecrated on May 25, 1914. Between 1918 and 1944 the cemetery was expanded four times. In the 1930s, the existing buildings were also converted and renovated.

In the last days of World War II, the cemetery chapel and the funeral hall were badly damaged. The restoration of the buildings could not be completed until 1947. The funeral hall was redesigned in 1952 and the chapel renovated in 1963. In addition, the cemetery was expanded again in the 1950s.

The old part of the cemetery in Biedermeier style was renovated in 1970. The funeral hall and chapel were also renovated and redesigned in the early 1970s according to plans by Erich Boltenstern . The administration buildings were also renovated. In 1979 the cemetery on the eastern edge was expanded for the last time. The last redesign of the laying out rooms took place from 1989 to 1991 according to plans by Christof Riccabona . The Rococo style , which was modeled in the laying out room no. 2 , was retained.

Graves of important personalities

Graves dedicated to honor

Gottfried von Einems Grave of Honor
Grave site of Franz Grillparzer
Victor Léon's grave site

The Hietzinger Friedhof has 111 graves dedicated to honor .

Surname Life dates activity
Otto Benesch 1896-1964 Art historian
Alban Berg 1885-1935 composer
Carlo Boehm 1917-1997 actor
Barbara Bogner (née Fröhlich ) 1797-1878 Singer and painter, sister of Kathi Fröhlich
Heinz Conrads 1913-1986 Actor and emcee
Engelbert Dollfuss 1892-1934 Politician
Gottfried von One 1918-1996 composer
Heinrich Eisenbach 1870-1923 actor
Fanny Elßler 1810-1884 dancer
Eduard Fischer 1862-1935 Major General and Writer
Johanna Franul von Weißenthurn 1773-1847 Actress and writer
Anna (Netti) Happy 1793-1880 Singer, sister of Kathi
Kathi Fröhlich 1800-1879 Singer, friend of Franz Grillparzer
Joseph Giampietro 1866-1913 Actor and comedian
Karl Gölsdorf 1861-1916 Locomotive designer
Bruno Granichstaedten 1879-1944 Composer and pianist
Franz Grillparzer 1791-1872 writer
Richard Groner 1853-1931 Local historian and journalist
Anton Hanak 1875-1934 sculptor
Gerhard Hanappi 1929-1980 Soccer player and architect
Karl Hartl 1899-1988 Film director
Joseph Hellmesberger senior 1828-1893 Violin virtuoso, director of the Vienna Conservatory
Josef Hellmesberger junior 1855-1907 Operetta composer and court conductor
Georg Hellmesberger senior 1800-1873 Violinist and conductor
Ferdinand Hellmesberger 1863-1940 Conductor, cellist and Kapellmeister
Peter Hey 1914-1994 cabaret artist
Egon Hilbert 1899-1968 State Opera Director
Hans Jaray 1906-1990 Chamber actor and director
Gustav Hunter 1865-1938 physicist
Josef Josephi 1852-1920 actor
Carl Kalwoda 1896-1951 actor
Wilhelm Karczag 1857-1923 Theater director
Louise Kartousch 1886-1964 actress
Gustav Klimt 1862-1918 painter
Marie Emilie Auguste Koberwein 1819-1895 actress
Alexander Kolisko 1857-1918 Pathologist and coroner
Victor Léon 1858-1940 Librettist
Alexander Lernet-Holenia 1897-1976 writer
Alfons Lhotsky 1903-1968 historian
Emmerich Magyar (Robert) 1847-1899 Castle actor and director
Johann Malfatti 1775-1859 Mediciners
Gustav Maran 1854-1917 actor
Franz Marischka 1918-2009 Director
Hubert Marischka 1882-1959 Actor and theater director
Ludwig Wilhelm Mauthner 1806-1858 Pediatrician
Karl Mayerhofer 1828-1913 Court opera singer
Lotte Medelsky 1880-1960 Court actress
Ludwig Moser 1869-1938 Composer, organ virtuoso, music professor for the blind
Josef Hilarius Nowalski de Lilia 1857-1928 archaeologist
Herbert Reisner 1912-1982 Neurologist and psychiatrist
Theobald von Rizy 1807-1882 Lawyer and politician
Henriette Strauss 1818-1878 Court opera singer
Willy Strehl 1881-1941 Operetta singer
Karl Tautenhayn 1871-1949 composer
Otto Wagner 1841-1918 architect
Richard Waldemar 1869-1946 actor
Stella Wang-Tindl 1895-1974 pianist
Lucille Marcell-Weingartner 1887-1921 Chamber singer
Rudolf Weinwurm 1835-1911 Music director
Mathilde Wildauer 1820-1878 Castle actress and court opera singer
Klaus Wildbolz 1937-2017 actor
Leopold Zechner 1884-1968 Politician and city school council president
Gustav Zelibor 1903-1978 Composer and conductor
Mizzi Zwerenz 1876-1947 Actress and operetta soubrette

Graves of other personalities

Grave of Paul von Zsolnay

Other important personalities who are buried at the Hietzinger Friedhof:

Surname Life dates activity
Hermann Aichinger 1885-1962 architect
Hermann Aichinger junior 1917-1965 architect
Carl Auer von Welsbach 1858-1929 Chemist, inventor
Karl Ausch 1893-1976 journalist
Josef Bandion 1930-2005 Municipal Director of the City of Vienna
Carl von Bardolff 1865-1953 kuk field marshal lieutenant
Eduard Beninger 1897-1963 Prehistory and early history researchers
Josef Freiherr von Bezecny 1829-1904 General manager of the court theater
Friedrich Birsak 1909-1997 Career officer
Helmut Boese 1911-1983 librarian
Otto Boehler 1847-1913 Paper cutting artist
Jean-Baptiste Cléry 1759-1809 Follower of Louis XVI.
Franz Count Conrad von Hötzendorf 1852-1925 Field Marshal, Austro-Hungarian Chief of Staff
Ernst Décsey 1870-1941 Writer and music critic
Anton Dermota 1910-1989 tenor
Anita Dorris 1903-1993 actress
Hans Duhan 1890-1971 baritone
Franz Dworak 1902-1979 Politician
Peter Ebinger 1958-2015 Dressage rider
EW Emo 1898-1975 Director
Eduard von Engerth 1818-1897 History painter
Rudiger Engerth 1919-2005 Art critic
Karl Flödl 1900-1968 Politician
August Forstner 1876-1941 Politician
Walter Frodl 1908-1994 Art historian, President of the Federal Monuments Office
Eva Frodl-Kraft 1916-2011 Art historian
Martin Gerlach junior 1879-1944 photographer
Ella Giampietro 1871–? Actress, wife of Joseph Giampietro
Franz Glawatsch 1871-1928 Operetta singer
Franz Haider 1877-1951 Politician
Marte Harell 1907-1996 actress
Hans Hass 1919-2013 Zoologist, marine researcher
Karl Hauschka 1896-1981 architect
Hermann Julius Hermann 1869-1953 Art historian
Robert Hochner 1945-2001 Journalist and television presenter
Emil Hochreiter 1872-1938 composer
Hubert Hofeneder 1915-1996 Politician
Ernst Huber 1895-1960 painter
Franz Hubmann 1914-2007 photographer
Gustav lobster 1877-1959 Politician
Hanns Jäger-Sunstenau 1911-2008 genealogist
Josef Kalenberg 1886-1962 opera singer
Helmut Koinigg 1948-1974 Racing car driver
Joseph Ritter von Kerzl 1841-1919 Personal physician of Franz Joseph I.
Karl Killmeyer 1923-2015 Speedway racer
Rudolf Kinauer 1908-1979 Cartography historian
Ernst Kirchweger 1898-1965 Social democrat
Adalbert Klaar 1900-1981 architect
Kurt Klaudy 1905-2009 architect
Julie Kopacsy-Karczag 1867-1957 Operetta singer
Walter Koschatzky 1921-2003 Art historian
Victor Kraft 1880-1975 Science theorists
Peter Krauland 1903-1985 Politician
Leopoldine Kutzel 1860-1935 Folk singer
Herbert Laszlo 1940-2009 Happiness explorer
Willy Lorenz 1914-1995 writer
Ernst Marischka 1893-1963 Director
Georg Mautner Markhof 1926-2008 Industrialist and politician
Carl Melles 1926-2004 conductor
Fritz Moravec 1922-1997 alpinist
Koloman Moser 1868-1918 painter
Gustav Nebehay 1881-1935 Art dealer
Oswald Oberhuber 1931-2020 Painter, sculptor and graphic artist
Gustav Otruba 1925-1994 Economic historian, sociologist and author
Clemens Pausinger 1908-1989 Resistance fighters
Wolfgang Pillewizer 1911-1999 cartographer
Pia Maria Plechl 1933-1995 Journalist and author
Fritz Polcar 1909-1975 Politician
Rudolf Prack 1905-1981 actor
Grete Rader-Soulek 1920-1997 Textile artist
Hugo Reichenberger 1873-1938 Conductor and composer
Alfred Reiterer 1934-2008 actor
Heinz Reuter 1914-1994 Meteorologist and Director of ZAMG
Anton von Schmerling 1805-1893 Politician, lawyer
Franz Xaver von Schönaich 1844-1916 General, Austro-Hungarian Minister of War
Otto Schonthal 1878-1961 architect
Aloys von Seiller 1833-1918 diplomat
Herbert Seiter 1921-1996 Composer, musician
Stefan Schödl 1957-2005 entomologist
Heinrich Schopper 1881-1952 architect
Katharina Schratt 1853-1940 actress
Franz Seitelberger 1916-2007 neurologist
Rudolf Sieczyński 1879-1952 Wienerlied composer
Oskar Siedek 1853-1934 Pioneer of cremation in Austria
Viktor Siedek 1856-1937 architect
Robert Stix 1903-1974 Electrical engineer
Erwin Strahl 1929-2011 actor
Ludwig Streicher 1920-2003 Double bass player
Hans Strotzka 1917-1994 Depth psychologist
Bernhard Tittel 1873-1942 Kapellmeister at the State Opera
Gustav Ucicky 1899-1961 Film director
Hermann Josef Ullrich 1888-1982 Vice-President of the Supreme Court, musician
Carl Unger 1915-1995 painter
Walter Varndal 1901-1993 actor
André de la Varre 1904-1987 Film director and film producer
Erich Veit 1896-1981 Painter and graphic artist
Franz Waltz 1919-1975 Politician
Franz Windhager 1879-1959 Painter and graphic artist
Else Wohlgemuth 1881-1972 actress
Leo Wollner 1925-1995 Textile designer
Gisa worm 1885-1957 Actress (grave abandoned)
Paul Digiter 1879-1929 Writer, journalist and diplomat
Paul Zsolnay 1895-1961 publisher

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