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Robert Hochner (born August 30, 1945 in Budapest , † June 12, 2001 in Vienna ) was an Austrian journalist and television presenter.


After studying at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna , Robert Hochner initially worked as an assistant director at the theater in der Josefstadt . From 1974 Robert Hochner worked as a freelancer for ORF , from 1979 until shortly before his death as the presenter of Die Zeit in Bild 2 . His career in television was only interrupted in 1989 and 1990, when Hochner was editor-in-chief of the Arbeiter-Zeitung , the former central organ of the SPÖ , which was then just sold . Due to illness, Robert Hochner was only seen irregularly on television in the last two years of his life. In 2000 he married the ORF presenter Clarissa Stadler . He died of colon cancer on June 12, 2001 . His grave is in the Hietzinger Friedhof in Vienna, group 17, number 18A.

Robert Hochner's grave

Robert Hochner has had a lasting impact on news journalism in Austria for decades. He was considered a technically experienced and committed editor.

The Robert Hochner Prize has been awarded to Austrian journalists every year since 2005 . Hochner himself was awarded a "Golden Romy" three times (1992, 1995, 2000) . In 2009 the Robert-Hochner-Park was opened in his honor in the St. Marx district in Vienna's 3rd district, Landstrasse .


  • "The journalists' revenge on politicians is the archive."
  • "Now I interrupt you at the risk of buying ORF and throwing me out." (In the ZiB2 in an interview with Frank Stronach , who had already overused his speaking time)
  • “What disappoints me most is the lack of moral courage in this country. There are so few who have the courage to make their own opinion and to represent it. People who are also prepared to accept personal disadvantages for their convictions. "

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