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The Austria Forum is an information portal on Austria-related topics. The portal is operated by the non-profit association “Friends of Austria Forum” with server and internet support from the Graz University of Technology . The Austria Forum has been available since September 2007. It was presented to the public in October 2009.


Logo of the original AEIOU

All projects with the focus on “culture data in electronically retrievable form”, which were proposed for Austria's 1000th anniversary in 1996 at the then Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts , were brought together in a joint project. In the course of this project, numerous well-known Austrian scientists and experts created the Austrian cultural information system AEIOU.

In 1996, this cultural information system was a comprehensive representation of Austria in text and image, sound and film. The abbreviation "aeiou" stands for Annotable Electronic Interactive Oesterreichisches Universal-Informationssystem , in interpretation of the old Austrian motto AEIOU

The basis of the data material was formed by all texts and images of the Austria Lexicon, newly published in 1995 by a publishing association (2 volumes, 14,000 headwords, around 2000 images about Austria from all areas of knowledge). Further information supplemented the lexicon in the form of "albums". Much of the information was also provided in English; there was also an interactive "annotate" component (write comments).

The AEIOU server had to be shut down on April 1st, 2005 due to financial, legal and logistical problems. The Faculty of Computer Science at TU Graz (under the then dean Hermann Maurer ) received permission to reactivate the server. From May 2006, the German entries only in the Austria Lexicon were gradually revised.

Since September 2007 AEIOU has been involved via the information portal Austria-Forum. The Austria Forum officially went online on October 9, 2009. The content has since been available at the web address The supporting organization is the non-profit association Friends of the Austria Forum in Graz, which was founded in 2007 by people involved in the project to operate the knowledge network. The committee of the most important editors consists of Hermann Maurer , Trautl Brandstaller , Peter Diem and Helga Maria Wolf .


The Austria Forum consists of the Austria Lexicon as well as numerous collections of knowledge, such as the ABC of Folklore Austria , the biographical lexicon, fauna and flora of Austria, the symbols of Austria, important cultural contributions such as a music dictionary, contributions from the visual arts, but also collections from Z. For example, everything from Second Republic postage stamps to minerals and in-depth essays that users can rate, extensive image collections, and extensive information on the Geography of the World. It also offers a large number of digitized books, so-called web books, which can be divided into different categories and can be used as sources for scientific work. A separate area called teaching materials provides learning materials in over 15 subjects for the lower and upper grades.

Terms of use

Organizationally, the project has the character of a moderated hosting . This means that “every user is responsible for the contributions he or she creates,” and must “have the necessary copyrights or exploitation rights for all content.” The editors intervene to regulate the content.

Contributions may only be copied or distributed with the permission of the author or the Austria-Forum, with the exception of copies for private purposes or for groups in public educational institutions (regardless of an explicit copyright notice). In addition, it is also possible to set free content (for any purpose, with a URL).

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