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Hans Wrage (born October 1921 in Hamburg ; † November 22, 2012 ) was a German open-air painter.


Board at the birthplace in Zeughausstrasse in Hamburg's Neustadt district

Hans Wrage, born in October 1921 under Michel from Hamburg, was one of the last open-air painters of his generation and is one of the most popular Hamburg artists of the post-war period. As a student of Friedrich Schaper (1869–1956), Hans Wrage is a link between the Hamburg Artists' Club from 1897 and younger artists who have revived plein air painting for several years.

After an apprenticeship as a commercial worker, he served in the war in Italy and Africa, and subsequently became a prisoner of war in the USA and England. In 1947 he returned to Hamburg. He attended painting and drawing courses a. a. with Friedrich Schaper, Rolf Böhlig and Erich Wessel in Hamburg and Maria Vogler in Worpswede and did a. a. studying at the state art school . Since 1958 he has been a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists , since 1963 in the Hamburg Art Association and the Hamburg Artists Association from 1832 .

Hans Wrage's early post-war watercolors and oil paintings were created under the strong impression of his teachers from the war and pre-war periods. The artistic conception of Friedrich Schaper (1869–1956), also Rolf Böhlig (1904–1979) and Erich Wessel (1906–1985), two today largely forgotten Hamburg artists, have a particularly strong influence on the early works of Hans Wrage. Thematically, over the years his independent interest in Hamburg port and city scenes that are not in the glamor of the growing metropolis has developed. Impressions from everyday life and the residential areas of the working people dominate, from Altona and Eimsbüttel, where Wrage portrays the scene of urban change after the end of the war.

Hans Wrage lived as a freelance artist in Hamburg until his death in November 2012 and until his retirement in 1982 worked as a design teacher at the commercial school for commercial advertising in Hamburg. His work is represented in all important public and private collections in Northern Germany.

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