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League of Nations mandate for Syria and Lebanon, Druze state in blue.

The Druze State ( French État de la Montagne Druze , Arabic دولة جبل الدروز Daula Jabal ad-Duruz ), French short form also Djébel druze , was an autonomous state from 1921 to 1936 within the French mandate for Syria and Lebanon , proclaimed to serve as government for the local Druze population under French supervision.

The capital of the Druze state was As-Suwaida , the official language was French .


On March 4, 1922, the territory was proclaimed the State of Suwaida ( French État du Souaida ), after its capital As-Suwaida .

In 1927 the state was renamed the Druze state or Djébel druze (literally "Mountains of the Druze"). The name comes from the mountains Jebel ad-Duruz .


Druze celebrate their independence in 1925

The Druze state was established on May 1, 1921 on the territory of the Vilayets of Beirut and Syria of the former Ottoman Empire , while other religiously defined entities were established in other parts of present-day Syria , such as the Alawite state in the Latakia region. The Druze state was home to well over 50,000 Arab Druze. Since the end of the Druze emirate in 1841, it was the first and to this day the only remaining autonomous regional body to be ruled by the Arab Druze. The Syrian Revolution of 1925 began in the region of the Druze state under the leadership of Sultan al-Atrache and spread to Damascus and other non-Druze areas outside the region of the Druze state. Protests against the division of Syrian territory into individual states were a main theme of Syrian anti-colonial nationalism, which ultimately won the victory to unite the entire French mandate - with the exception of Lebanon and Alexandretta as the state of Hatay , which became independent. As a result of nationalist pressure to establish Greater Syria , after the signing of the Franco-Syrian Independence Treaty of 1936, the Druze state ceased to exist as an independent unit and was incorporated into Syria.


  • Amir Salim Pasha al-Atrasch (May 1, 1921 - September 15, 1923)
  • Trenga (provisional) (September 1923 - March 6, 1924)
  • Gabriel Marie Victor Carbillet (March 6, 1924 - October 14, 1925), provisionally as of October 1, 1924
  • Sultan Pacha al-Atrache (July 18, 1925 - June 1, 1927), Head of State; in dissidence
  • Charles Andréa (October 15, 1925-1927)
  • Marie Joseph Léon Augustin Henry (1927)
  • Abel Jean Ernest Clément-Grancourt (1927-1932)
  • Raymond Massiet (February 3, 1932 - January 28, 1934)
  • Devicq (1934-1935)
  • Tarit (1935 - December 2, 1936)

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