Just don't get weak

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German title Just don't get weak / He in paradise
Original title Never weaken
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1921
length 29 minutes
Director Fred C. Newmeyer
script Hal Roach ,
Sam Taylor ,
HM Walker
production Hal Roach
music Robert Israel (2002)
camera Walter Lundin
cut Thomas J. Crizer

Only not weak or He in Paradise (Original title: Never Weaken ) is an American short film - comedy of the silent film era with Harold Lloyd in the lead role.


An American city: In a high-rise, Harold, the boy, and Mildred, the girl, are employed in neighboring offices. However, they don't care much about their work, but instead find occupation in making tokens of love for each other through the office window. This tender love of high-rise buildings is endangered when Mildred's boss - an osteopathic doctor - wants to fire her because he can no longer pay her due to a lack of customers. So that the beloved can stay close by, Harold steps to the rescue: With numerous business cards and more or less legal tricks, which at times also draw the attention of a police officer to Harold, he walks through the streets. In the end, the doctor gets numerous new customers and Mildred is allowed to keep her job.

Harold actually wants to marry Mildred, but then he overhears his beloved talking to another man about marriage. What he doesn't know: The other man is Mildred's older brother, a priest who is supposed to perform the wedding ceremony. Distraught, Harold now wants to commit suicide - first with a poisonous potion, later with a note holder, a crack in the window and a pistol - but the execution does not succeed. He puts on a blindfold and positions himself to be shot if his office door opens. Meanwhile, a floating concrete beam from the neighboring construction site comes through the open window into his office. Harold is taken outside in his chair by the beam. The suicidal Harold takes off the blindfold and first sees an angel (who belongs to the facade of his skyscraper) and imagines himself in heaven until he hears a jazz band playing on the neighboring roof. Harold now understands that he is floating high above the city.

In daring climbing actions, Harold fights for his life and against the pitfalls of the high-altitude construction site. He finally arrives down at the building, exhausted but alive. The misunderstanding with the "other man", Mildred's brother, clears up. Nothing stands in the way of marriage now.


The last short film comedy by Harold Lloyd, who then turned to the full-length feature film and was never to return to the short film, did not go weak . In this film, Lloyd dedicates himself to one of his trademarks, the daredevil climbing on high-rise buildings, which he later featured in his feature-length films such as Skyscraper, of all things! picked up again.

On April 20, 1980, Nur not Weak celebrated its first German broadcast on ZDF .


Many film critics consider Never Weaken to be one of the best short films by Harold Lloyd. The Lexicon of International Films wrote: "Lloyd's last and best short film, which, although successfully varied from his full-length high-rise films, could no longer be surpassed."

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