Said Halim Pasha

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Said Halim Pasha

Muhammad Said Halim Pasha (born February 19, 1864 in Cairo , † December 6, 1921 in Rome ) was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire from June 12, 1913 to February 3, 1917 . He was a grandson of Muhammad Ali Pasha .

Grave in Istanbul

He was one of the signatories of the German-Turkish Alliance Treaty (August 2, 1914). Due to repeated disagreements with the ruling Committee for Unity and Progress (commonly referred to as the Young Turks ), he was forced to resign on February 3, 1917.

Because of his role in the conclusion of the German-Turkish alliance treaty, he was indicted after the First World War and imprisoned in a prison on the British island colony of Malta until 1921 . After his release he was refused to return to Turkey by the new rulers. In his exile in Rome he was murdered shortly afterwards by the Armenian Arshavir Shiragian of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, presumably in connection with the genocide of the Armenians .


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