The fine people

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German title The fine people
Original title The Idle Class
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1921
length 25 minutes
Director Charles Chaplin
script Charles Chaplin
production Charles Chaplin
camera Roland Totheroh
cut Charles Chaplin

The Fine People (OT: The Idle Class ) is an American comedy film directed by Charles Chaplin from 1921. Chaplin plays a double role in the film .


The rich people travel for the summer pleasure of playing golf - the tramp too, but in the overhead locker under the train compartment. A rich woman's husband, a drinker, forgets to pick up his wife from the train station. On the golf course, the tramp plays with other players' golf balls, which causes trouble. He discovers the drinker's lonely wife and dreams of a life with her.

In the evening there is a costume ball . The tramp happened to get into it after he was mistakenly mistaken for a pickpocket in a park and had to flee from a police officer. His tramp clothing is a costume. At the festival he gets to know the lonely wife of the drinker, whom he - without knowing it - looks very much like. The husband is trapped in his knight's costume with his visor down and sticking. When he sees his wife on the shoulder of the tramp, he rushes wildly at him, but is not recognized himself and is removed by the servants. The tramp denies to the woman's father that he is married to her and thus attracts his displeasure.

There is another fight with the real husband. The tramp helps open the armor's jammed visor. The situation clears up and he is immediately expelled from the house. He accepts a belated apology from his father and host, but not without kicking his butt and running away.


The Idle Class was Chaplin's sixth film for First National . It only served to fulfill the contract; Chaplin had already decided in early 1919 for a different distribution channel with Douglas Fairbanks , Mary Pickford and David Wark Griffith as United Artists . The film was made in Chaplin's studio and was released on September 25, 1921.

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