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Grigori Naumovič Chuchrai ( Russian: Григо́рий Нау́мович Чухра́й , scientific transliteration Grigorij Naumovič Čuchraj ; born May 23, 1921 in Melitopol ; † October 29, 2001 in Moscow ) was a Soviet film director and screenwriter who became known through anti-war films , among other things.


Grigori Tschuchrai was born as the son of a soldier in the city ​​of Melitopol, now part of the Ukraine . After Grigori's parents divorced in 1924, he grew up in the care of his mother and stepfather. From 1935 to 1939 the family lived in Moscow , where Grigori went to school. After graduating, he did military service in Mariupol , Ukraine, among others . After the start of the German war of aggression against the Soviet Union in 1941, Tschuchrai went to the front as a volunteer and served in various paratrooper troops in the Ukraine, southern Russia and near Stalingrad until 1945 . He was wounded four times and later received a variety of decorations , including the Order of the Great Patriotic War .

After his discharge from the armed forces in 1946, Tschuchrai went back to Moscow, where he studied at the Faculty of Directing of the State Institute for Cinematography in the workshop of Jutkewitsch and Romm until 1953 . From 1953 to 1955 Tschuchrai worked in Kiev in the Dowschenko film studio , then he went back to Moscow and has since worked as a director for the state film production company Mosfilm .

Tschuchrai's grave in the Vagankovo ​​cemetery

In 1956, Tschuchrai shot The Last Shot (Russian original title Сорок первый , in German "The Forty-First"), the first feature film under his direction. 1959 followed with the ballad of the soldier ( Баллада о солдате ) one of his most famous works to this day. These two works are anti-war films that focus on the lives of soldiers during the civil war and the Second World War in Russia. From 1966 to 1970 Tschuchrai taught at the Institute for Cinematography, which he had graduated at the time, and ran a director's workshop there. He made several other feature films until the 1980s.

Most recently, Grigori Tschuchrai was a member of the Mosfilm Artists' Council in the context of promoting young cinematographers. He died on October 29, 2001 and was buried in the Vagankovo ​​Cemetery in Moscow .

Filmography (selection)

  • 1954: Nasar Stodolja / Назар Стодоля - co-director
  • 1956: The last shot ( Сорок первый )
  • 1959: The Ballad of the Soldier ( Баллада о солдате ) - also screenplay
  • 1961: Clear sky ( Чистое небо )
  • 1964: Once upon a time an old man lived with his old woman ( Жили-были старик со старухой )
  • 1970: Pamjat / Память - documentation, also screenplay
  • 1977: Trjassina / Трясина - also screenplay
  • 1979: Life is wonderful ( Жизнь прекрасна / La vita è bella ) - also a script
  • 1984:… and I teach you to dream - Mark Donskoi: Realist and Poet ( Я научу вас мечтать ) - Documentation, co-director, screenplay

Awards (selection)

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