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Eckart Afheldt (born August 15, 1921 in Neustettin / Pomerania ; † December 3, 1999 in Walldürn ) was a brigadier general in the army of the German Armed Forces and most recently deputy division commander and commander of the division troops of the 4th Jägerdivision .



Afheldt entered the 21st Infantry Regiment after graduating from high school in September 1939 as a flagjunker . In December 1941 he was made a lieutenant and in February 1942 a first lieutenant . He was employed as a group leader and platoon leader , company commander and was last battalion leader of the 2nd battalion of the Jäger Regiment 2 "Brandenburg" . On March 1, 1945 he was appointed captain retrospectively to January 30, 1945 . In May 1945 he was taken prisoner by the Soviets.

After the Second World War

Afheldt was released from captivity as early as July 1945. He then began an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, and the following year he began studying architecture. From 1950 he worked as an architect and office manager in an architecture firm until he joined the Bundeswehr.

armed forces

In 1956 Afheldt joined the Bundeswehr as a captain and was initially employed in the acceptance organization, then he was company commander in the Panzergrenadier training battalion . After these assignments he was transferred to the Army Officer School III in Munich in 1958 as a tactics teacher . This was followed by a position as deputy commander of the Panzergrenadier training battalion. On October 1, 1960 he was appointed major . In 1962 he was appointed lieutenant colonel on October 1 and took over the post of commander of the Panzergrenadier Battalion 242 in Füssen . His path then led him again as a tactics teacher at the Army Officer School III, before he was appointed Colonel teaching group commander at the Combat Troop School I in Hammelburg in April 1969 . In 1971 he received another troop command when he became commander of the 15 Panzer Brigade in Koblenz . Afheldt was again transferred to Combat Troop School I in Hammelburg in 1974, which he led as commander until 1977. On October 1, 1977 he was transferred to Regensburg , where he was deputy division commander and commander of the division troops of the 4th Jäger Division until his retirement on October 31, 1981.


Ahlfeldt was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class on May 19, 1941 , the Iron Cross 1st Class on October 16, 1942 and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on March 17, 1945 . He was also the holder of the Wound Badge in gold.


Afheldt was married, had eight children and was a hobby painter.


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