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A company commander of the K. UK Infantry Regiment No. 73 on horseback (1914)

Company commander is an officer who regularly leads a company or a comparable unit . The company commander is the person who leads the company while the company commander is absent (e.g. vacation, illness, command ) or the post is vacant for the period of representation . Post and position differ here.


In most units in the Bundeswehr, a company commander is the name of a unit leader . He is the military superior of all officers , NCOs and men in his unit. He is also the disciplinary superior with level 1 disciplinary authority . The company commander generally has the rank of major . The unit leader is responsible for the personnel and material readiness of his unit.


In the Austrian Armed Forces the company commander is referred to as a company commander (KpKdt) and is largely similar to the function of the company commander.


In the Swiss Army , the company commander is referred to as a company commander (Kp Kdt), colloquially Kadi .

The company commander begins his training as a first lieutenant . The training takes place in three stages. First of all, the unit leadership course (FLG Einh) is completed. This is regardless of the branch of service in Luzern instead. The prospective unit commanders are taught the general craft of commanders in the area of ​​leadership activities (5 + 2). Second, the technical course is attended, which is specific to the type of service, sometimes even function-specific in the respective teaching association.

Finally, the learned in a 19-week recruit training with the so-called. Is Abverdienen (practical service) applied. The prospective Kp Kdt carries out the Kp right from the start, planning the training and deployment of the company over 19 weeks. The promotion to captain takes place with the assumption of command over the company, resp. when all courses have been completed.

During the year, the Einh Kdt plans the WK . Outside of work, he plans the repetition courses with the involvement of his subordinates (mostly Einh Fw , Einh Four and Deputy). He does not receive any pay or compensation for any off-duty activity; work is mainly done on a voluntary basis.

The automatic promotion of the commander of a staff company to major has not taken place since January 1, 2019 ( WEA ).


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