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As a unit (Unit) is in the armed forces of the smallest military unit and the lowermost military outline form ( Formation hereinafter). Several units are usually combined to form an association (battalion or regiment). Units that are not part of an association are referred to as independent units .

In historical context, or with respect to the armed forces of other countries can use unit also an association or entity meant. In English, the language equivalent word unit generally denotes a unit of troops.

Units in the Bundeswehr

Depending on the Armed forces / OrgBereich and branch of service are

understood as units.

The leader ("boss") has disciplinary powers . The management level of a unit coordinates the combat activities of the subordinate units ( platoons , groups or squads ) in accordance with the mandate of the higher-level association .

Meaning of units

Tactical, social and leadership advantages are associated with the manageability of units. In the German army immediately before the First World War, for example, a unit was defined as “the smallest member of a troop body which can still appear independently in combat, can carry out a simple combat task , the individuals of which are still known personally by the Führer. After all, a tactical unit in combat should still be able to be directed by a single leader with his voice. "

Last but not least, military sociology expects the stability and manageability of social relationships within a unit to have a positive influence on the combat morale of soldiers and gives recommendations on how this effect can be achieved.

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