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Bundeswehr train
active 1956 to the present
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Armed forces armed forces
Subordinate troops


Strength about 40
Insinuation Company or battery
Platoon leader
  • Lt to Hptm
  • serving. Portepee Uffz

In the military field, the train is the name for a unit of twelve to sixty soldiers . As a part of a training company , the number of staff can also exceed 100 people. The train usually consists of two to eight groups , squads , operations or crews . In most branches of the armed forces , the platoon is part of a company or battery , but can also be independent in the special forces.


The English name for a train is platoon , the French expression peloton , also section . Historically, there were pelotons in various armies in the German-speaking area.

armed forces

In the Bundeswehr, a distinction is made between training and deployment trains in terms of train strength.

Depending on the type of service, the train sub-unit is also called a swarm or chain (air force / army aviator) or a lecture hall (at Bundeswehr schools). In the Bundeswehr Operations Service of the Air Force, there is Remote Technical features .

In general, the train is divided into a platoon (for command support ) and several groups. The strength of a B3 fighter platoon of the Bundeswehr's territorial army in 1985 is described here as an example:

Structure of a hunter train B3 TerrH (1985) acc. STAN (obsolete)
Train structure hunter troop (Bundeswehr)
  • 3 groups per 0/1/9/ 10
    • 1 hunter NCO and squad leader
    • 6 hunters (machine gunner, bazooka, rifle shooter)
    • 2 hunters (telescopic shooters, G3 assault rifle with telescopic sight)
    • 1 military driver - with additional functions

Another soldier can be assigned to the group as a military driver.

Thus there is a total strength according to STAN of 1/4/35/40

The hunters of a group also have a partially extended training as machine gunner as well as airspace observer and soldier in the anti-aircraft squad, Pzfst rifleman in the tank destruction squad and NBC defense soldier. The driver is also trained as a helper in the medical service, today first responder , and serves as the reporter and security officer of the group leader.

The Jägerfeldwebel (deputy platoon leader) - the name varies depending on the type of service - is essentially responsible for the connection to the higher management level, the company. He supplies the train with ammunition, water and food as well as all other supplies. In addition, if necessary, he leads the cover group for immediate fire support with machine weapons (machine guns and bazookas). When marching and attacking, he follows the train and ensures that all soldiers are properly connected to the platoon leader.

Sub-units in different languages ​​and armies
Description & symbol Flag of NATO.svg armed forces English French Russian Polish
basically as a sub-unit designation structure leader

single point over a lying rectangle / (example) Fireteam Nato.svg Troop
gun operation / tank crew
2-7 men SergeantCorporal Team
(e.g. fire team)
Equipe de combat Команда (Komanda) Załoga
● ●
two points over a lying rectangle / (example) Group Nato.svg * Group
* half move
* 8–12 men
* 2  tank crews
Oberfeldwebel ⇒ NCO Squad Groupe de combat Отделе́ние (group)
экипаж (crew)
расчёт (operating team)
Rotte 2 aircraft Two-ship flight / pair NN Пара (Para) NN
● ● ●
three points over a lying rectangle / (example) Platoon Nato.svg * Train
* lecture hall
about 40 men CaptainSergeant * Platoon
* Lecture hall
Section , peloton * Взвод (Vswod)
* Учебная группа (Uchebnaja gruppa)
Swarm / chain 3–4 aircraft NN NN Звено (chain, tactical unit) Klucz
Heer (Army) also across TSK
Luftwaffe (Air Force)

Other countries

Austrian Armed Forces,
train in formation

The platoon leader in the Swiss Army is usually a lieutenant or first lieutenant , and if necessary a superintendent as deputy . In the Austrian Armed Forces the leader of a platoon is called a platoon commander , on the one hand because a platoon leader has a batch rank in the Austrian Armed Forces and on the other because all leading people are generally called commanders. The United States Marine Corps has another different structure .

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Individual evidence

  1. The number of personnel, for example in the case of independent trains, training trains, technical trains or sub-units of the Bundeswehr with a train structure, may vary significantly.
  2. Section is usually used in infantry, peloton in the tradition of mounted units in mechanized units and the gendarmerie.