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Group (Grp)
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Swiss Army Füs Gr.jpg

Mechanized infantry group of the Swiss Army
Country GermanyGermany Germany Austria Switzerland
Armed forces Bundeswehr
Federal Army
Swiss Army
Subordinate troops


Strength 8-12
Insinuation train
Squad leader Sergeant to Sergeant Major

rarely senior team rank

Group (short: Grp ) is the name for a military sub-unit or association in the Austrian Armed Forces , the Swiss Armed Forces and the German Armed Forces . A group consists of eight to twelve men and is usually led by a non-commissioned officer or sergeant major.

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Group (army)

A partial unity in strength of a group is the military division of up to twelve soldiers in the German army usually by a corporal or sergeant is performed, in exceptional cases, by high enlisted or rarely by Sergeant or Sergeant . The sub-unit above a group is the train , the subordinate squad . A group usually consists of two squads (in this case also called a half-group), which are led by the group leader and his deputy as the squad leader. In addition, a scouting team can be formed according to function (e.g. MG troop) or combat situation. In practice, however, a group is not divided into squads.

All light infantry weapons with machine carbines , machine guns and bazookas as well as, if available, ZF assault rifles for telescopic shooters are combined in an infantry group. The group is transported with a group vehicle, previously mostly two-ton trucks , today armored transport vehicles or armored transport vehicles.

One soldier serves as a driver with the additional functions of detector and group leader as well as helpers in the medical service, the bazooka riflemen as NBC defense soldiers in the troop service, the machine-gun riflemen as airspace observer and the riflemen as EOR. The group can be divided into a squad each with the "heavy" infantry weapons (machine gun and bazooka) and an assault squad, made up of soldiers equipped with rifles. In the Panzergrenadierruppe, the Panzergrenadiergruppe consists of the infantry fighting vehicle with its crew and commander and the dismounting grenadier group with machine guns and bazookas.

Sub-units in different languages ​​and armies
Description & symbol Flag of NATO.svg armed forces English French Russian Polish
basically as a sub-unit designation structure leader

single point over a lying rectangle / (example) Fireteam Nato.svg Troop
gun operation / tank crew
2-7 men SergeantCorporal Team
(e.g. fire team)
Equipe de combat Команда (Komanda) działon, obsługa, sekcja
● ●
two points over a lying rectangle / (example) Group Nato.svg * Group
* half move
* 8–12 men
* 2  tank crews
Oberfeldwebel ⇒ NCO Squad Groupe de combat Отделе́ние (group)
экипаж (crew)
расчёт (operating team)
Rotte 2 aircraft Two-ship flight / pair NN Пара (Para) para
● ● ●
three points over a lying rectangle / (example) Platoon Nato.svg * Train
* lecture hall
about 40 men CaptainSergeant * Platoon
* Lecture hall
Section * Взвод (Vswod)
* Учебная группа (Uchebnaj gruppa)
Swarm / chain 3–4 aircraft NN NN Звено (chain, tactical unit) klucz
Heer (Army)
Luftwaffe (Air Force)

Group (air force)

When flying units and anti-aircraft missiles associations of the German Air Force, the group is the battalion corresponding association , that of a lieutenant colonel is performed. Superordinate is a squadron under the leadership of a colonel , subordinate to squadrons with chiefs in the rank of major or lieutenant colonel.

Federal Army

In Austrian Armed Forces , there is a hunting group, a group of foot soldiers, a commander with the rank of Sergeant or Oberwachtmeister master and its substitute, an MG group and four contactors. In the Austro-Hungarian Army , the group was referred to as a swarm.


Group (air force)

A group usually consisted of four squadrons of nine to twelve aircraft and a staff. In the I. group were the 1st to 4th season, in the II. Group the 5th to 8th season, in the III. Group organized the 9th to 12th squadron and in the 4th group the 13th to 16th squadron of the squadron. The group was superordinate to the squadron , consisting of three to four groups.

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  1. The number of personnel, for example in the case of independent trains, training trains, technical trains or sub-units of the Bundeswehr with a train structure, may vary significantly.
  2. A section with a group structure (for example: US Marine Corps, 8–12 people) can, in contrast to a "section" in the French armed forces, have a significantly lower staffing level.