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An association ( Vbd. ) In the armed forces is the structural combination of several military units with the strength of a battalion or regiment - if this is limited in time, this is referred to as a battle association.

Associations of the armed forces

Structures comparable to a battalion are in the group ( air force , e.g. air base group ), department, teaching group (at schools, e.g. OSH or SanAkBw ), the hospital ( medical service ) and the ship ( navy ). A regiment is comparable in the Luftwaffe and z. Some of the squadrons in the Navy .

Groups of troops from the strength of a brigade (in the naval flotilla ) upwards, which are grouped according to structure or for a limited time, are referred to as large units .

Management of associations

Associations in the German Armed Forces and the Armed Forces are led by a commander , while units have a chief . In the Swiss Army , both functions are referred to as commander .

Task forces

If associations are restructured for certain tasks or supplemented by additional units, they are referred to as task forces. The commanding officer of an association is usually a staff officer from a lieutenant colonel .


In the National People's Army , an association with its troops , units and facilities corresponded to a division , usually led by an officer with the rank of major general .

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