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The military command is a territorial form of organization in Austria's armed forces . There is a military command for each federal state . They are led by officers with the rank of general (1980–2002: division general ; since 2002 brigadier ). The command is currently limited to five years, but can be extended.

Existing military command

In detail these are:


A military command is responsible, among other things, for the registration and position of conscripts in its state. Furthermore, it is responsible for the leadership of the subordinate units, commanders and agencies in peace as well as for the tactical leadership of the units in an operation.

The military commanders are particularly responsible for the following tasks:

  • Tasks that serve to relieve operational forces.
  • Surveillance of secondary threat areas and rear areas.
  • Protection of militarily relevant objects and traffic routes.
  • Host Nation Support (territorial support for authorized foreign forces).

Subordinate associations

The military commanders are assigned expert staffs (can be mobilized) and a light hunter battalion (can be mobilized) and a pioneer company (can be mobilized), in Vienna two light hunter battalions (can be mobilized) and the guard battalion .

All forces in their area of ​​command are subordinate to the military commanders to provide assistance in the event of acts of God and accidents ( assistance ).

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