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An assistance mission (military jargon: AssE) in Austria is an aid provided by the armed forces for all authorities and organs of the federal government , the states and municipalities within their respective areas of activity.

For example, the Ministry of the Interior can request this assistance if it can only protect the constitutional institutions and their capacity to act and the democratic freedoms of the residents as well as the maintenance of order and security in the interior with the cooperation of the Federal Army. However, if more than a hundred soldiers are required for such an assistance mission, the approval of the federal government is incumbent on the federal government .

An example of this is the earlier assistance for border surveillance . Since September 16, 2015 there has been an assistance mission at the Austrian state border as part of the refugee crisis in Europe from 2015 .

The only exception to this government approval is the use of an assistance mission to ward off obvious, irreparable, imminent damage to the general public. In these cases, the Minister of the Interior, in agreement with the Minister of Defense, can authorize the assistance deployment. However, the Minister of the Interior must report to the Federal Government immediately on such an operation.

It is also considered to be an assistant if z. B. a provincial, district captain or mayor requests assistance in the event of natural disasters and accidents of an extraordinary magnitude, since it is not possible to find sufficient resources with one's own resources.


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