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Divisional or division general is the literal translation of rank or distinction designation for the two-star general ( OF-7 ) in the armed forces of different countries.

Brazil etc.

The Division General (General de divisão) is the equivalent of the Lieutenant General (OF-8) in the Brazilian Army . This is similar in some Latin American countries like Chile or Ecuador .

France, Italy, Spain

The division general is the equivalent of the two-star rank (OF-7) in the land forces of the NATO countries France ( général de division ), Italy ( generale di divisione ) and Spain ( general de división ). In France and some francophone countries, the three-star general général de division usually leads a division and ranks above the général de brigade and below the général de corps d'armée . For Spanish medical officers , the rank is called General de División Médico .


The division general was the equivalent of major general (OF-7) in the Lithuanian Army from 1920 to 1940 .


From 1980 to 2002 the rank was also officially in use in the Austrian Armed Forces .

In the Austro-Hungarian Army , the commanders of divisions - regardless of their charge, they were mostly major-general or field marshal lieutenant - bore the title of "division officer" to designate their position.

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There are similar rank designations in other countries, for example in Poland. There the division general ( Polish: Generał dywizji - gen.dyw. ) In the Polish armed forces is the third highest military rank or grade to which an officer can be promoted in peacetime. The rank is comparable to the major general in other NATO forces.

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Logo of Swiss Armed Forces.svg
Swiss Army
- Major -
Mounting loop Kepi

Degree badge
armpit loop / kepi

Rank group senior staff officer
NATO rank code OF-7
Rank Army / Air Force Divisional officer
Marine rank none
Abbreviation (in lists) Div
Grade CHF 27 .- / day

Divisionär (Div; divisionnaire, divisionario) is the degree designation for the two-star rank (OF-7) of the rank group of senior staff officers in the Swiss Army . Until 1977, the degree was referred to as a Colonel Division . In dealings with foreign countries, the divisional officer is referred to as a major general (Maj Gen). NATO code: OF-7. In the Swiss Army, the rank badge shows two stars framed with gold laurel leaves on the armpit loops and a laurel wreath with a narrow stripe on the upper edge of the uniform cap.

Soviet Union

From 1935 to 1940 the name KomDiw was the abbreviation for Komandir diwisii ( Russian Комдив / Командир дивизии ; English commander of the division / division commander , German division commander, division leader or division commander ) a Soviet general rank and corresponded to the rank of Lieutenant General OF-7.

Individual evidence

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