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Degree badge Swiss Corps Commander (center)

Corps commander (short: KKdt ) is the commander or commanding general of an army corps , usually a higher general rank or field marshal exercises this function. In some armies, corps commander is also used for a special general rank, which is then not necessarily associated with command of a large formation .

Swiss Army

Logo of Swiss Armed Forces.svg
Swiss Army
- Corps Commander -
Mounting loop Kepi

Degree badge
armpit loop / kepi

Rank group senior staff officer
NATO rank code OF-8
Rank Army / Air Force Corps commander
Marine rank none
Abbreviation (in lists) KKdt
Grade CHF 30.- / day

In the Swiss Army , the general rank of corps commander (KKdt; commandant de corps, comandante di corpo) is used instead of the internationally common lieutenant general . Until 1977 the rank was designated as Oberstkorpskommandant . The corps commander is the highest rank in the Swiss Army in peacetime. A general is only used as commander-in-chief of the army if there is a mobilization . The chief of the army (currently: Thomas Süssli ) therefore holds the rank of corps commander, but also the chief operations command (currently: Aldo C. Schellenberg ) and the chief training command (currently: Hans-Peter Walser ). Since 2020, Daniel Baumgartner , the defense attaché in Washington, has also been corps commander.

Until 2003, the chief of staff , the chief of training (until 1995) or the chief of the army, the commanders of the four army corps and the commanders of the air and anti-aircraft troops were corps commanders. There have been no army corps in the Swiss Army since 2004. In the Swiss Army, the rank badge shows three stars framed with golden laurel leaves on the armpit loops and a laurel wreath with a narrow stripe on the upper and lower edge of the uniform cap.

In dealings with other countries he is referred to as a Lieutenant General (abbreviation: Lt Gen, NATO code: OF-8).


From 1980 to 2002 the rank was also used in the Austrian armed forces.

Soviet Union

Distinction badge KomKor
Red Army ComCorps 1940.png
Coat badge (large)
Red Army ComCorps 1940 col.png
Jacket badge
RA A F8ComCorps 1940 chevr.png

(from 1941 also corps commissioner)

From 1935 to 1940 the name KomKor was the abbreviation for Komandir korpusa ( Russian Комкор / Командир корпуса ; English commander of the corps / corps commander , German corps commander, corps leader or corps commander ) a Soviet general rank and corresponded to the later rank of 8 general .

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