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The Chief of the Army (CdA; French chef de l'armée , Italian Capo dell'esercito ) is the commander of the Swiss Army in peacetime with the rank of corps commander . He is elected by the Federal Council.

The Chief of the Army heads the Defense Department of the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) .

As of December 31, 2003, there was no formal army chief. The function of a primus inter pares in the Commission for Military National Defense , to which all commanders of large units (army units and brigades) belonged, was performed by the Chief of Staff . This was in command of all troops on duty. The first chief of the army, Christophe Keckeis , was also the last chief of staff in the Swiss army.

On September 16, 2016, the Federal Council appointed the infantry officer Philippe Rebord as Chief of the Army on January 1, 2017. He had been Deputy Army Chief since April 2016. On April 4, 2019, the DDPS announced that Rebord would be stepping down for health reasons at the end of 2019. A search committee was set up for the successor.

On September 4, 2019, Federal Councilor Viola Amherd Major General Thomas Süssli ago as a future army chief. Süssli emerged from four career officers remaining in the process. Mrs. Brigadier Germaine Seewer was among them .

In times of war the army is no longer led by the CdA, but by a general as commander-in-chief . This is elected in active service by the parliament ( United Federal Assembly ) on the proposal of the Federal Council and loses its function again after the war.

Chiefs of the Army

Surname time portrait
Thomas Süssli Since January 1, 2020 Thomas Süssli in 2019.jpg
Philippe Rebord January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019
André Blattmann March 1, 2009 (interim since July 21, 2008) - December 31, 2016 Andre Blattmann July 2015.jpg
Roland Nef January 1, 2008 to July 21 (suspension) or July 25 (resignation), 2008  
Christophe Keckeis January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2007  

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