Primus inter pares

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A primus inter pares ( Latin for “first among equals”, female prima inter pares ) is a member of a group who has the same rights as everyone else, but still enjoys an elevated position of honor . This position usually has a representative character and is not associated with any privileges . In science, this is the name given to outstanding performers without a special position. The decisive factor here is their respective reputation and less titles or offices.


The term primus inter pares was introduced under Emperor Augustus to describe his position in the Roman state structure (see also the Principate ). With this designation Augustus wanted to underline his subordination to the republican institutions ; in fact, however, he was the absolute ruler.


In the economy, the primus inter pares is used in certain management systems to give an individual the opportunity to tip the scales if the group does not have the ability to make decisions (even number of members or a lack of willingness to make decisions on the part of individuals).


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