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With the ukase of September 22, 1935, personal ranks were introduced into the Red Army of Workers and Peasants . These ranks were essentially the same as those in the tsarist army , with the exception of the general ranks . The Soviet general ranks were designated with the service position. With ukase of May 7, 1940, general ranks were finally reintroduced while retaining the old insignia.

On the other hand, it happened that commanders who were in custody for the purges and who were released after June 22, 1941, were still in their old ranks.

At the end of 1942 / beginning of 1943 the political officers were given military ranks.

General ranks from 1935 to 1940

Short name Full name Badge of rank Rank from May 1940
Chevron Collar badge
(small, Gymnastjorka )
Collar badge
(large, coat)
Командир бригады
( brigadier , brigade leader or brigade commander)
RA A F6ComBrig 1940 chevr.png Red Army ComBrig 1940 col.png Red Army ComBrig 1940.png Генера́л-майо́р ( Major General )
Командир дивизии
( division general , division leader or division commander)
RA A F7ComDiv 1940 chevr.png Red Army ComDiv 1940 col.png Red Army Com Div 1940.png Генера́л-лейтена́нт ( lieutenant general )
Командир корпуса
( corps commander , corps commander or corps commander)
RA A F8ComCorps 1940 chevr.png Red Army ComCorps 1940 col.png Red Army ComCorps 1940.png генера́л-полко́вник ( Colonel General )
KomandArm II
(Командарм 2-го ранга )
Коммандующий армии 2-го ранга
(Army Commander, Army Commander or Army Commander II Class)
RA A F9ComArmy2 1940 chevr.png Red Army ComArmy2 1940 col.png Red Army ComArmy2 1940.png Генерал армии ( Army General )
KomandArm I
(Командарм 1-го ранга )
Коммандующий армии 1-го ранга
(Army Commander, Army Commander, First Class)
RA A F9ComArmy1 1940 chevr.png Red Army ComArmy1 1940 col.png Red Army ComArmy1 1940.png
Маршал Советского Союза
( Marshal of the Soviet Union )
en: Request for creation and upload of a picture! Red Army Marshal 1940.png Маршал Советского Союза
(Marshal of the Soviet Union)

General ranks from 1943

In 1943 the marshals and main marshals of the branch of arms were introduced.

Commander-in-chief of armies and fronts, chiefs of staff of fronts, the chief of staff and his deputies, deputy minister of defense, etc. were promoted from colonel general to army general and could later be appointed marshal of the Soviet Union.

Commander-in-chief of tank armies, chiefs of tank troops of fronts, the chief of tank and mechanized troops was appointed Marshal of the tank troops by the Colonel General and could later be promoted to main marshal of the tank troops. Analogous to artillery, air force, engineer troops.

Above all stood the Generalissimo of the Soviet Union, a rank which was only given to the Supreme Commander in times of war and which so far only Josef Stalin has held.

With ukas of January 6, 1943 epaulets were reintroduced to emphasize the position of the officers and to improve the morale of the troops.

General rank Badge of rank 1943–1955 comment
Генера́л-майо́р (general-maior)
RA-SA A F6MajGen 1955.png
Major general
Гнера́л-лейтена́нт (general manager)
RA-SA AF F7LtGen 1955.png
Lieutenant General
Генера́л-полко́вник (General-polkownik)
RA-SA A F8ColGen 1955.png
Colonel General
Генерал армии (General armii)
RA-SA F9GenArmy 1955.png
Army General
Маршал рода войск (Marshal roda woisk)
RA A F9MarsArmor 1955.jpg
Marshal of the branch of service (here armored force)
Главный маршал рода войск (Glawni marshal roda woisk) Main Marshal of the branch of service
Маршал Советского Союза
(Marshal Sowjetskowo Soyusa)
RA-SA F10MarsSU 1955.png
Marshal of the Soviet Union
Генералиссимус Советского Союза
(Generalissimo Sowjetskowo Sojusa)
Generalissimo ussr.PNG
Generalissimo of the Soviet Union
Planned badge of rank

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