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Ukas No. 1122 of July 26, 2008: Appointment of Sergei Ivanovich Kisljak as Russian Ambassador to the USA

The ukase ([ ˈuː.kas ], Cyrillic указ ) ( listen ? / I ) is a monarch, government or presidential decree with legal force in several states in Eastern and Southeastern Europe . Audio file / audio sample

Russia or the Soviet Union

In Tsarist Russia and in the Russian Empire, a ukase was a decree of the tsarist and imperial government or the orthodox church leadership ( patriarch ) with the force of law. The terms edict and decree are comparable .

After the October Revolution , official government decrees were called decree (декрет) in the Soviet Union , special decrees were called ukas .

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 1993, a ukase is a presidential decree that has the force of law, but cannot override existing laws unless approved by the Duma .


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