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A large unit is a military unit . Today, units with a strength of more than 3,000 soldiers and upwards are referred to as large units. Your task is to lead small field formations. In the area of NATO , this includes units from the brigade onwards under a joint command or command and with a joint command staff.

Types of major associations

The major units include, in ascending order, the brigade , division , corps or army corps , army and army group, as well as other comparable temporary or permanent troops such as the theater of war or, according to Clausewitz, the theater of war .

Military symbol Surname Troop strength Subordinate troops guide
XXXXXX High command 400,000 + 2+ army groups General (historical: Generalfeldmarschall )
XXXXX Army Group 200,000 + 2+ armies General (historically also: Generalfeldmarschall)
XXXX Army / command command 100,000 + 2+ corps General (historically also: Colonel General )
XXX Office / Corps / Air Force Command 030,000-80,000 2+ divisions Lieutenant General
XX Division / military area command 010,000-20,000 2–6 brigades Major general
X Brigade / Flotilla / State Command 003,000- 05,000 2–4 regiments or battalions Brigadier General or Colonel


A large formation is usually led, commanded or commanded by an officer of the rank group of the generals from Brigadier General upwards. A staff up to the size of a commando supports him in leading the large association.


Associations were marked by NATO on maps with a special legend . In the corresponding classification system, units below the company level were initially described with one to four points, then units at company level with one to three lines and finally large units with one to six “X” letters.

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