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A battle is a combat action , i.e. a military conflict between own and enemy troops on land, on water or in the air. Combat or acts of combat are conducted between large formations as part of operations , and in the case of military formations as part of tactics . Combat at platoon level and in coordination with a company is called a fire fight, which is conducted by fire control .

Several battles that are contiguous in time and space and that have a decisive influence on the course of an operation are called a battle . Skirmishes outside of a planned operation are also called skirmishes .


Battles generally take place between two opposing units. The opponent who triggers the military clash by approaching the enemy or by opening combat operations is typically the attacker, his approach is the attack or the offensive . The opponent awaiting the collision is the defender, his approach is the defense to ward off the attack or the defensive . The offensive opponent considers himself stronger than his opponent at the time of the attack, whereby not only the relative combat strength of the armed forces comes into play, but also tactical, technical, intellectual or moral aspects can play a role.

If both opponents are on the defensive, there will be no battle.


The core of combat is the coordination of fire and movement of one's own forces in order to achieve one's own goal or to enforce one's own mission against enemy forces. In the context of combined arms combat , different types of troops (usually the army ) work together on the battlefield , on the one hand to enforce their own information and fire superiority as well as the ability to move at the crucial point and on the other hand to enable the enemy to reconnaissance , act and move to minimize.


Actions and tasks in combat are the types of combat , special combat operations and the general duties in use . The doctrine of combat operations at the association level is the tactics .

In the case of land forces below a company , at platoon level , the fight is referred to as fire fighting , not a skirmish , and is conducted with fire and movement . The movement element is the change from one position to another or the taking of a change position within the commanded position space. The leader of a sub-unit independently orders a change of position depending on the situation at his own discretion . Only the company commander or a higher superior can order a new position according to the course of the battle and his intention to conduct the battle.

In the Bundeswehr , the general actions in combat service are regulated in the central guideline A2-226-0-0-4710 combat service for all troops (on land) (formerly central service regulation ZDv 3/11).


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