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Management organization

The Bundeswehr is managed by the Federal Minister of Defense (in the case of a defense, by the Federal Chancellor ) as the holder of command and authority. The Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg) as the highest federal authority supports him in this task. The downstream of the Ministry division is divided in military and civil organization areas that are respectively associated with the corresponding section of the conductors BMVg. The Federal Armed Forces' General Inspector is responsible for the three departments of Armed Forces Management , Planning, and Strategy and Operations in the BMVg. With their support he leads the armed forces of the Bundeswehr.

Military organizational areas (armed forces)

Civil organization areas

Departments directly subordinate to the BMVg

The departments directly subordinate to the BMVg are:

These are military agencies with the exception of the Federal Office for Military Counterintelligence, which is a civilian agency.

Operations management

The Federal Minister of Defense is responsible for leading the missions abroad as long as the authority of command and command has not been transferred to the Federal Chancellor in the event of a defense. The line of command to the national commanders of the German armed forces in the operational areas runs through the Inspector General and the Bundeswehr Operations Command in Potsdam. As the operational management level, the operational command basically plans and leads all national or multinational missions abroad.

Rough structure of the Bundeswehr (1st and 2nd management level)

At the first management level, this list contains higher federal authorities, higher command authorities and independent agencies that report directly to the BMVg. The commands and offices of the 2nd management level are directly subordinate to the higher command authorities. In the military organizational units, these subordinate commands or offices have different command levels. For the Air Force it is the corps level (XXX), for the Navy it is the brigade level (X). In the case of the Army, SKB, CIR and Medical Service, it is the division level (XX). In the army there is also a 3rd management level with 9 brigades. This is followed by the actual associations or departments.

Military organization ( armed forces )

Departments directly subordinate to the BMVg:

Civil organization

Authorities subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defense:

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