Organizational area personnel

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Organizational area personnel

Lineup December 1, 2012
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Armed forces Bundeswehr Kreuz.svg armed forces
Type Civil organization area
structure Federal Office for Personnel Management of the Federal Armed Forces Federal
Language Office
Education Center of the Federal Armed Forces
Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Strength mostly civil servants and employees ; 7,991 soldiers, including up to 5,400 students at Bw universities (July 2020)
Web presence OrgBer Personal website
Ministerial management
Head of Human Resources Lieutenant General
Klaus von Heimendahl

The personnel organizational area in the German Bundeswehr is a civil organizational area of the Bundeswehr administration .


The Human Resources department is responsible for the entire personnel management of the Bundeswehr. He is therefore responsible for civilian and military personnel recruitment, management and development as well as for the education and qualification of all members of the Bundeswehr.


The HR department is managed by the HR department in the Federal Ministry of Defense . This department is divided into:

  • Management level
    • Head of department
    • Deputy Head of Department
    • Staff units
      • Unit PC Central Tasks and Controlling
      • Commissioner for the compatibility of family and service
      • Representative for Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion
      • Officer for post-traumatic stress disorders
      • Survivor Affairs Officer
    • Subdivisions
      • P I: leadership, personnel marketing, education / qualification
      • P II: Personnel Development
      • P III: Social Affairs


The personnel organization area comprises three civil higher federal authorities :

The personnel organization area also includes the two universities of the Bundeswehr ( Helmut Schmidt University and University of the Bundeswehr in Munich ) and the Bundeswehr Administration Department at the Federal University for Public Administration , which are assigned to the Federal Ministry of Defense. The responsibility there lies in Section P I 5 “Universities of the Federal Armed Forces”.

The subordinate area of ​​the BAPersBw includes 16  Bundeswehr career centers and 110 career advice offices, the BIZBw ten Bundeswehr technical schools and five Bundeswehr schools abroad .


The personnel organization area was created in the course of the realignment of the Bundeswehr . With this, the then two organizational areas of the Bundeswehr administration, territorial defense administration and armaments area, were divided into the three new organizational areas of personnel, equipment, information technology and use and infrastructure, environmental protection and services . Civilian and military personnel recruitment, management and development were concentrated in one hand.

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