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Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr
- LufABw -

Coat of arms Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr (LufABw)
Lineup October 1, 2014
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Armed forces Logo Bundeswehr armed forces
Strength 394
Insinuation BMVg General Inspector of the Bundeswehr
Location Wahn (Cologne)
motto Competence and safety for military aviation
march Stratospheric March
Web presence LufDev
Head of office Major General Günter Katz

The Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr ( LufABw ) is a national military aviation authority that is directly subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defense and has its headquarters in Cologne-Wahn . As the national military aviation authority for the Bundeswehr, it performs all tasks of the aviation administration and thus has a similar range of tasks to the European Aviation Safety Agency or the Federal Aviation Office for civil aviation. As the Planning Office of the Armed Forces and the Operational Command of the Armed Forces is the aerospace Office of the Bundeswehr directly to the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr assumed.


Until the Bundeswehr Aviation Office was set up, the tasks of the national military aviation administration in Germany were divided between several Bundeswehr agencies. So was z. For example, the type testing and approval is carried out under the responsibility of the head of the type testing system for aviation equipment of the Bundeswehr at the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 61 , the traffic approvals for aircraft with tactical license plates of the Bundeswehr are issued under the responsibility of the chief engineer of the air force (most recently located at the command of the air force support organizations ) and the recognition of national and international aviation companies by Section Q2.3 of the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr .

Due to the need for standardization with regard to certification procedures in the military aviation sector in Europe, the European Defense Agency and, in consultation with the European defense ministers, recommended the establishment of national military aviation authorities. The aim of setting up the Bundeswehr Aviation Office was finally set out in the coalition agreement for the 18th parliamentary term of the Bundestag .

On April 1, 2014, a staff of 54 people began their service in the Wahn air force barracks, and work began on October 1 of the same year. The new office was fully operational on January 1, 2015. The official commissioning took place on January 7, 2015 by Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen ( CDU ): “The Bundeswehr is sending a strong signal here: We are prepared for changes in technology and Politics ”, she said at the official commissioning of the office. The office should become a center of excellence. The overriding goal is "that the Bundeswehr has aircraft available that can and may fly safely".


The Bundeswehr Aviation Office has the following tasks:

  • Testing and approval for aircraft and aviation equipment and additional equipment of the Bundeswehr
  • Regulate and standardize military flight operations in Germany
  • Recognition of national and international aviation companies and organizations and licensing of personnel.
  • Ensure flight safety in the Bundeswehr with the aim of preventing incidents and accidents with aircraft
  • Creation of bases and regulations for security in military air traffic and further development
  • Determination of aeromedical suitability criteria for aviation personnel and qualification / licensing of aviation doctors and aviation medical examination centers.


The office is divided into four departments, six sub-departments and 28 units:

Department Surname
1 Strategy, principle, specifications, cross-section
2 Admission
3 business
4th Recognition / licensing

In addition to these departments, the staff group, and a department for central tasks, the head of the office reports directly to:

In this way, the independence of these two departments z. B. be guaranteed in the aircraft accident investigation.

Another special feature is the Military Air Traffic Control Liaison Office (VBB) in the Federal Air Traffic Control Authority (BAF), which is operated jointly by both authorities in the BAF's office building.

Heads of office

No. Surname Entry into service End of service
3 Major General Günter Katz 1st July 2018  
2 Major General Christian Badia September 21, 2017 1st July 2018
1 Major General Ansgar Rieks January 7, 2015 September 21, 2017

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