Bundeswehr Administration

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Organization of the BMVg division in 2011

The Bundeswehr administration is part of the Bundeswehr . It relieves the armed forces of tasks such as human resources , procurement , operating the properties and catering .

Legal basis and background

The Bundeswehr administration is prescribed in the Basic Law . Accordingly, it is run in federal administration with its own administrative substructure. It serves the tasks of human resources and the direct coverage of the material needs of the armed forces ( Art. 87b Abs. 1 S. 1 et seq. GG ). By separating the armed forces and the administration of the armed forces in 1956 ( Federal Law Gazette I p. 111 ) the constitutional legislators wanted to prevent the newly established German armed forces from gaining too much power.


The Bundeswehr administration comprises three of the five civil organizational areas of the Bundeswehr:


Until the realignment of the Bundeswehr in 2012, the Bundeswehr administration consisted of the following two areas:

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