Organizational area infrastructure, environmental protection and services

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Organizational area infrastructure, environmental protection and services

Lineup August 1, 2012
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Armed forces Bundeswehr Kreuz.svg armed forces
Type Civil organization area
structure Federal Office for Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Bundeswehr Services
Strength mostly civil servants and employees , as well as 972 soldiers (July 2020)
Web presence Website OrgBer IUD
Ministerial management
Head of Department IUD Ministerial
Director Barbara Wießalla

The organization infrastructure, environmental protection and services ( IUD ) is in the armed forces , a civil organization area of defense administration .


The organizational area is responsible for the maintenance and construction of Bundeswehr properties and performs statutory protective tasks such as environmental protection and fire protection . One of the focal points of the work is the civilian support of the Bundeswehr's missions abroad through domestic and on-site measures. Employees in the organizational area ensure, for example, that the soldiers are fed during the deployment abroad or conclude contracts for transport services to the deployment areas.


The Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Services (IUD) department in the Federal Ministry of Defense exercises technical supervision over the subordinate area and bears ministerial responsibility for its structural and procedural organization. In addition to the infrastructural tasks, in particular the construction and operation of properties, all property-related services for the armed forces and the Bundeswehr administration are ministerially controlled. It concentrates the ministerial tasks of those who require and cover the infrastructure, all catering processes and the statutory protection tasks. It brings the overall infrastructure planning in line with the planning and budgetary options. This department is divided into:

  • Management level
    • Head of department
    • Deputy Head of Department
    • Section IUD Z - Central Tasks and Controlling
    • Subdivisions
      • IUD I - infrastructure
      • IUD II - services, legal protection tasks
      • IUD III - BMVg services, IUD support services


The organizational area of ​​infrastructure, environmental protection and services essentially comprises:


The organizational area was created in the course of the realignment of the Bundeswehr . With this, the two organizational areas of the Bundeswehr administration at the time, the territorial defense administration and the armaments area, were reclassified into the three new organizational areas of personnel and equipment, information technology and use, as well as infrastructure, environmental protection and services.

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