Catholic military bishopric

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Catholic Military
Bishop's Office - KMBA -

State level Federation
position Higher federal authority
Supervisory authority Federal ministry of defense
founding April 4th 1956
Headquarters Berlin
Authority management Military Vicar General Reinhold Bartmann
Web presence KMBA on the net

The Catholic Military Episcopate ( KMBA ) in Berlin is a federal authority in the division of the Federal Ministry of Defense (MoD). It is the central administrative authority of the Catholic Military Pastoral Care and is headed by Military Vicar General Reinhold Bartmann . The church management by the Catholic military bishop and the state administration and organization by the BMVg flow together in it.

The sister authority of the Catholic Military Bishop's Office is the Evangelical Church Office for the Federal Armed Forces (EKA). Both authorities with their respective subordinate areas together form the organizational area of ​​military pastoral care of the Bundeswehr .

The Catholic Military Bishop's Office is located in the house on Weidendamm in Berlin-Mitte , a building erected in 1773 in a former Prussian barracks. In the house are the offices of the Catholic Soldier Pastoral Care AöR , the guest house of the Catholic military bishop, meeting and conference rooms, a dining room, a club room and catering area as well as the St. Michael chapel on the top floor.


The Catholic Military Bishop's Office is divided into four sections :

  • Section I - Human Resources (Head: Director at KMBA Wolfgang Schilk)
  • Section II - Pastoral Care (Head: Thomas R. Elßner)
  • Section III - Administration (Head: Senior Government Officer Petra Seidenglanz)
  • Section IV - Press and Public Relations (Head: Norbert Stäblein)

Downstream area

Directly subordinate to the Office of the Catholic Military Bishop are the four Catholic Military Deans of Berlin, Kiel, Cologne and Munich as federal agencies . The military deans supervise around 100  Catholic military parish offices as local federal authorities . These small offices usually consist of a military pastor and a parish assistant.

The three German Catholic military parishes Belgium / France ( SHAPE ), Italy ( Naples ) and USA ( Fort Bliss ) are directly managed by the Catholic Military Bishop's Office. In addition, there are four Catholic military chaplains on a part-time basis for Portugal ( Lisbon ), for Spain ( Albacete ), for Turkey ( Antalya ) and for Washington, DC / USA .


The Catholic Military Bishop's Office was founded on April 4, 1956. Its first seat was the service building at Adenauerallee 115 in Bonn . In 2000 it moved to its current location in Berlin.

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