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Service building of the Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney (together with the Federal Administrative Court)

The Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney at the Federal Administrative Court (BWDA), often referred to as the "Bundeswehr Disciplinary Prosecutor" together with his staff, is not only a head of the authority, but also a higher federal authority or , in terms of organizational law , a judicial authority and represents the Federal Minister of Defense and the others in the appellate body of judicial disciplinary proceedings Introductory authorities of the Bundeswehr before the military service senates of the Federal Administrative Court . In terms of salary law, the BWDA is classified in salary group B 6 .


The powers are exercised by him personally or on behalf of his full-time employees in the higher service. Due to his position as a representative of all discharging authorities before the Federal Administrative Court and as the person authorized to issue instructions to the military disciplinary attorney's offices , the armed forces disciplinary attorney is also obliged to work towards an appropriate uniform exercise of disciplinary powers and to comply with this through disciplinary procedural principles for the military disciplinary prosecutors. In application procedures in accordance with the Military Complaints Act (WBO), the Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney represents the Federal Minister of Defense, the inspectors of the armed forces and superiors in a comparable position before the military service senates.

The judicial protection both in troop service complaints matters according to the military complaint regulations as well as in disciplinary complaint matters in accordance with the military disciplinary code (WDO) ends at the troop service courts, unless the military service senates of the Federal Administrative Court are ultimately responsible. In these cases and also in the arrest confirmation procedure, the troop service court can submit legal questions of fundamental importance to the Federal Administrative Court for a decision in order to ensure the further development of the law or the safeguarding of uniform jurisdiction. The Federal Armed Forces disciplinary attorney has to comment on these so-called judge submissions to the Federal Administrative Court.

Legal Status

The armed forces disciplinary attorney is only bound by instructions from the Federal Minister of Defense. He and his full-time employees of the higher service must be qualified to serve as judges. His position is comparable to that of the Federal Public Prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice .

The Armed Forces Judge Advocate subject to the approximately 100 military disciplinary prosecutors at the Military Disciplinary Law Societies which initiate authorities in judicial disciplinary proceedings before the troop service courts responsible and that of the military service courts imposed disciplinary measures enforced, service- and FbW .

Field Office

The Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney has his office at Simsonplatz 1 in Leipzig .

Official costume

The Amtstracht of the German Federal Armed Forces disciplinary Advocate is according to the arrangement of the President on the Amtstracht in military service dishes from a Office robe and a cap . The Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney wears a wide white collar with drooping ends with his official robe. The color of the official costume is crimson red for the Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney. The trimmings on the official robe and beret are made of silk for the Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney. The Bundeswehr disciplinary attorney wears two crimson-red silk cords on his beret.

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