Bundeswehr training center

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Bundeswehr Education Center
- BiZBw -

State level Federation
position Upper federal authority
Supervisory authority Federal ministry of defense
founding January 1, 2013
Headquarters Mannheim , Baden-Wuerttemberg
Authority management President Christoph Reifferscheid
Servants about 300
Web presence Website BiZBw

The Bundeswehr Education Center ( BiZBw ) is a higher federal authority within the portfolio of the German Federal Ministry of Defense with its headquarters in Mannheim and neighboring offices in Berlin-Grünau , Bonn , Oberammergau and Nienburg . There are also ten Bundeswehr technical schools in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Koblenz, Cologne, Munich, Naumburg, Würzburg and the supervision of the five Bundeswehr schools abroad in El Paso and Sheppard (USA), Brunssum (Netherlands), Le Luc ( France) and Mons (Belgium). As part of the realignment of the Bundeswehr , the BiZBw was set up on January 1, 2013. The former Federal Academy for Defense Administration and Defense Technology and the three Federal Armed Forces Administration Schools have merged into it.

Bundeswehr training center in Mannheim

As the higher federal authority, the education center is responsible for the education and qualification process of the Bundeswehr below the ministerial level. The BiZBw is not only the central training and further education institute for civilian personnel in the Bundeswehr . It imparts economic, legal and technical expertise to all members of the Bundeswehr. It also advises all organizational areas of the Bundeswehr in matters of education, qualification and civil professional recognition of skills acquired in the Bundeswehr. In addition, the BiZBw is the central certification body for qualification processes in the Bundeswehr that can be recognized as a civil profession.


The BiZBw is organized as follows:

  • Central Affairs Department, in Mannheim
  • Department I Defense Administration, in Mannheim
  • Department II Defense Technology, in Mannheim
  • Department III School Education
    • Department III 1 in Mannheim
    • Teaching area III 2 in Berlin-Grünau
    • Teaching area III 3 in Oberammergau
    • Teaching area III 4 in Nienburg
    • Department IV Education, Qualification, Certification, in Bonn

The ten Bundeswehr technical schools and the six Bundeswehr schools abroad are not part of the BiZBw, but are subordinate to it.

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