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The former Bundeswehr technical college in Kiel (1973)

The Bundeswehr technical schools ( BwFachS ) are an educational institution of the Bundeswehr , at which retired regular soldiers with at least four years of commitment and BO 41 (career officers in the aviation service with special age limit ) within the scope of the BFD entitlement ( vocational advancement service of the Bundeswehr ) catch up on school qualifications after their period of service and previous degrees Refresh your school knowledge. At the same time, ZAW courses and courses in preparation for training as an officer in the military service are offered for active soldiers. They are not to be confused with the Bundeswehr technical schools .

Course offer

Courses are for obtaining the the Armed Forces Vocational Schools GCSE ( Middle school (MSA)) and the technical college offered. Courses to refresh school knowledge are the "basic course" at the level of the secondary school leaving certificate, the "preliminary course" at the level of the secondary school leaving certificate and the "study course" at the level of the university entrance qualifications .

The range of courses offered by the Bundeswehr technical schools changed several times and was adapted to changed framework conditions: Courses for " State-recognized business administration and" State-recognized technician "were discontinued, as well as courses for" State-recognized educators ". Until the 1970s was at individual schools the acquisition of the general higher education possible. in future, as part of priority areas, not all courses are offered for the attainment of school qualifications at all Bundeswehr schools.

Since April 2017, ZAW technical schools have been offering measures to obtain the vocational qualifications " Office Management Assistant " and " Certified HR Specialist " and courses for the acquisition of the secondary school diploma for active contract soldiers. In addition, a course for acquiring the secondary school certificate ("MaoS" (teams without a school certificate)) is carried out. In October 2019, a ZAW course to obtain the professional qualification " IT specialist , specializing in system integration" was set up.

To a limited extent, active soldiers also have the opportunity to acquire the technical college entrance qualification in order to take up a (technical college) degree at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich as an officer candidate for the career of military officers (OffTrpD) . A special preparatory course for training in the field of geodesy is offered for officer candidates for the career of officers in the military technical service (OffzMilFD) .

Organization of lessons

Initially, the lessons were carried out during working hours. From 1966 onwards, classes took place after the end of the service period and in a semester rhythm, which meant that the schools could plan more reliably. This system still exists today.

Organizational subordination and recognition of qualifications

Subject to the BwFachS

The Bundeswehr technical schools are subordinate local authorities to the Bundeswehr Education Center and were taken over from its division on January 1, 2013 with the dissolution of the Federal Office for Defense Administration (BAWV) . The technical supervision of the Bundeswehr technical schools is exercised on the one hand by the Bundeswehr Education Center and the Federal Ministry of Defense and on the other hand by the responsible school supervisory authority of the federal state in which the Bundeswehr technical school is located. This ensures that, due to the sole responsibility of the federal states in school and educational matters, the school-leaving qualifications acquired at the Bundeswehr technical schools are recognized nationwide. Professional qualifications are awarded in accordance with chamber law by the locally responsible Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Chamber of Crafts .

Subordinate service to the course participants

The soldiers who are commanded or transferred to a BwFachS in BFD training and active soldiers are subordinate to the local Bundeswehr technical school care center (BwFachSBetrSt). The BwFachSBetrSt is an agency subordinate to the respective regionally responsible state command. The BwFachSBetrSt Berlin is an exception. This is not subordinate to the Territorial Tasks Command (KdoTerrAufgBw), but to the Brandenburg State Command (LKdo BB).

Locations and former locations

Current locations

Bundeswehr technical schools are now in Berlin , Hamburg , Hanover , Karlsruhe , Kassel , Koblenz , Cologne , Munich , Naumburg (Saale) and Würzburg . In 1957, just two years after the Bundeswehr was founded, the first Bundeswehr technical school was opened in Koblenz.

The Bundeswehr technical college with the most modern infrastructure at the moment is located in Karlsruhe. The oldest Bundeswehr technical schools in terms of infrastructure are located in Cologne and Koblenz. All schools have modern classroom equipment (e.g. digital boards).

Former locations

Shortly after 2000, Bundeswehr technical schools were closed in Bremen , Flensburg , Gießen , Kiel , Neubrandenburg , Oldenburg and Ulm , among others . This was preceded by the closure of military technical schools in Essen , Hamm , Munster , Neumünster and Regensburg in the 1990s. Thus, of the previous thirty schools, there are currently ten.

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