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A soldier on time (abbreviated SaZ , commonly known Zeitsoldat ) is a soldier who undertakes voluntary, limited-time military service to perform.

armed forces

Anyone who voluntarily undertakes to do military service for a limited period of time can be appointed to the employment relationship of a temporary employment service in the Bundeswehr ( Section 1 (2) sentence 2 SG ). The commitment period is a maximum of 25 years, but may not exceed the age of 62 ( Section 40 (1) sentence 1 SG). The commitment period is usually at least two years. This includes voluntary military service as a special civic engagement lasting six to 23 months ( Section 58b (1) SG). 120,845 soldiers serve on time in the Bundeswehr (June 2020) , 17,307 of them women.

All three career groups ( crews , NCOs and officers ) can take part in the SaZ . SaZ recruited as non-commissioned officers , sergeants and officer candidates undergo general military, career and specialty-specific training.

An applicant who has acquired the military aptitude required for a higher rank through life and work experience outside the Bundeswehr can be called to an aptitude exercise on the basis of a voluntary obligation ( Section 87 (1) sentence 1 SG). After the aptitude exercise, the applicant can be appointed as a temporary service provider ( Section 87 (2) SG).

During their period of service, SaZ of the careers of sergeants and the career group of officers can apply for acceptance into the service of a professional soldier . They can also be suggested by their military superiors. If the number of applicants or nominees exceeds the armed forces' annual requirements, the selection is primarily based on the soldier's professional assessment. Basically, the comparison group is the SaZ with the same career, the same training and employment (e.g. officers of the service of the artillery troops ). The selection process takes place annually and, in principle, the SaZ that meet the requirements can apply or be proposed anew every year.

The temporary employment relationship of a soldier ends with the expiry of the period for which he is appointed to the employment relationship ( End of service ; Section 54 (1) sentence 1 SG).

Usually, SaZ switch to the private sector after the end of the commitment period or initially gain further qualifications. The Vocational Promotion Service supports them in their integration into civilian working life, for example through advice, the organization of internal training measures , the implementation of job fairs or the mediation and financing of external training offers.

At the end of their period of service, long- term service providers receive a transitional allowance as a one-off payment ( Section 12  SG) as well as transitional fees as a monthly payment ( Section 11  SG) depending on the length of their service period.

SaZ who are interested in employment in the (civil) public service and who have committed themselves for at least twelve years will receive an integration certificate or a certificate of approval ( § 9  SVG ) upon request . This means that SaZ can apply for positions in the German public service reserved for former soldiers and must be taken over after the end of training. Holders of an integration certificate or registration certificate apply to the reservation offices of the federal or state governments and are assigned by them to the recruiting authorities according to their suitability and inclination ( § 10  SVG). Holders of the integration certificate will receive the difference between their current civil and their previous military pay as compensation for ten years, as long as the latter was higher ( Section 11a  SG).

Swiss Army

In the Swiss Army , the corresponding form of military service is called temporary military .


In the NVA the GDR there was the time commitment forms officer on time (4 years, usually rank: Second Lieutenant ) and soldier on time, that name was in the early 1970s in Sergeant-term (3 years, in the People's Navy 4 years, usually rank sergeant or Maat ) converted.

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