Soldiers Act

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Basic data
Title: Law on the Status of Soldiers
Short title: Soldiers Act
Abbreviation: SG
Type: Federal law
Scope: Federal Republic of Germany
Legal matter: Military law
References : 51-1
Original version from: March 19, 1956
( BGBl. I p. 114 )
Entry into force on: April 1, 1956
New announcement from: May 30, 2005
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1482 )
Last change by: Art. 188 Regulation of June 19, 2020
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1328, 1350 )
Effective date of the
last change:
June 27, 2020
(Art. 361 of June 19, 2020)
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The Soldiers Act ( SG ) regulates the legal status of soldiers in the German Bundeswehr . It determines the rights and obligations of soldiers, the establishment and termination of the employment relationship of professional and temporary soldiers , the legal status of soldiers who do military service on the basis of compulsory military service, as well as the legal status of former professional soldiers, former soldiers and temporary soldiers of volunteers when used for services (limited exercises, special assignments abroad, domestic assistance, unlimited exercises ordered by the federal government as standby duty, and unlimited military service in the event of tension and defense ).

Of constant, special relevance for the soldier are the "duties and rights of the soldiers", which are set out in §§ 6–36. In particular, the basic duty of the soldier ( § 7 SG) and the following special duties must be observed .

The Soldiers Act is the equivalent of the Federal Civil Service Act (BBG) for federal civil servants .

Ordinance and other laws

The Soldiers Act empowers the federal government to specify certain issues through statutory ordinances.

On the basis of Section 93 (1) SG, the Federal Government has issued the following ordinances:

§ SG Title
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20th000 Federal Secondary Employment Ordinance BNV
27000 Soldier career regulation SLV
28000 Soldiers' Leave Ordinance SUV
28 (7) Parental leave regulation for soldiers EltZSoldV
30 (4) Anniversary Ordinance DJubV
30 (5) Maternity Protection Ordinance for Women Soldiers MuSchSoldV
68 (2) Indispensable Regulation UkV

On the basis of Section 93 (2) and (3) SG, the Federal Ministry of Defense has issued the following ordinances:

§ SG Title
(web link)
01 (3) Supervisor Ordinance VorgV
29000 Personal files regulation soldiers SPersAV
30 (2) Medical Officer Candidate Training Fee Ordinance SanOAAusbGV
30a (5) Soldier part-time employment ordinance STzV

The following additional laws / ordinances are related to the Soldiers Act:

§ SG Title
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01 (4)
23 (3)
Military disciplinary code WDO
37 37 (1) 38 39 45 (2) 75 (6)000


Use and re-use law UseWVG
28 (5)
28 (7)
Soldiers' Equal Opportunities Act SGleiG
30 (1) Federal Remuneration Act
Soldiers Supply Act Soldiers
Supply Transfer of Responsibility Ordinance
Federal Travel Expenses Act Federal
Moving Costs Act
31000 Federal Aid Ordinance BBhV
35000 Soldiers' Participation Act SBG
58a00 Reservists Act ResG

The following orders by the Federal President / administrative regulations have been issued with reference to the Soldiers Act:

§ SG Title
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4 (2) Order of the Federal President on the appointment and dismissal of soldiers BPrasSoldErnAnO
4 (3) Order of the Federal President on the rank designations and the uniform of the soldiers BPresUnifAnO
18th000 General administrative regulation on § 18 Soldiers Act on the obligation to participate in communal catering in peacetime VwV to § 18 SG

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Individual evidence

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