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Microsoft Hotmail
description Webmail provider
Registration Yes
languages 36 languages
owner Microsoft
Published 1996
Members 364 million
status offline, replacement by

Hotmail (officially Microsoft Hotmail , formerly Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail ) was an e-mail - service and part of Windows Essentials , a collection of online services from Microsoft . It was replaced by the successor in spring 2013 .


Hotmail was founded in 1995 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and started on July 4, 1996, the American Independence Day , to symbolically represent the freedom of Internet service providers . In the original notation, HoTMaiL , the name alluded to HTML .

In 1997, Hotmail was sold for $ 400 million to software company Microsoft, which integrated the service into its Microsoft Network (MSN). At that time, just a year and a half after its launch, Hotmail had twelve million users. Hotmail was represented in numerous countries and one of the world's largest providers of webmail services.

In the past, Hotmail has been the target of multiple attacks by hackers trying to show how poor the service is. In August 1999, a group of hackers was able to fully access third-party mail accounts simply by entering their username. In August 2001, a 24-year-old hacker was able to gain access to mail accounts and personal data such as credit card numbers with just a few lines of code.

Under the code name Kahuna , Microsoft has been working since August 2005 to increase Hotmail's competitiveness over other webmail services through a new development. On November 1, 2005, Microsoft released the first beta version of Windows Live Mail , the new name of which goes back to the Windows Live initiative launched that same month. At the beginning of February 2007, Microsoft announced that it would keep the product name Hotmail. In addition to an interface that is based on current technologies such as Ajax , Windows Live Hotmail offered a storage volume of five gigabytes and the import and export of contacts from other webmail services such as Gmail .

Hotmail has been updated on .

The July 31, 2012, Microsoft launched Webmail Service, with Microsoft a stronger competitor to Google's mail offer Gmail will offer. In early May 2013, it was reported that Microsoft had fully completed the move from Hotmail to


The basic services offered automatic detection of dangerous emails.

The Windows Live Mail e-mail program was able to access Hotmail using Microsoft's own DeltaSync protocol . Microsoft Outlook could be upgraded accordingly. The WebDAV protocol , which used to guarantee access to free Hotmail accounts using Outlook Express , was originally supposed to be switched off in mid-2008, but then remained activated for a longer period of time. Until the beginning of 2009, access via the Post Office Protocol , which allows access with almost any e-mail program, was reserved for paying customers, after which it was released for all users. It is also possible to create up to 10 alias e-mail addresses in the same account.

Hotmail also offered a three-column view, the ability to drag and drop items into different folders, extended mouse functions and a search function for e-mails.

When paying an annual fee of 19.99 euros, the user received some additional features called Hotmail Plus . The Microsoft Office Outlook Connector then enabled the synchronization of tasks and notes. In addition, the storage capacity was increased to 10 GB and no advertising was displayed in the user interface . Free accounts were automatically deleted after 270 days without logging in.


Spam filter

The spam filter Hotmail was known for some time for legitimate mail without message to the sender or the receiver to block. The mails are accepted by the Hotmail server without an error message, but they do not appear in the inbox or in the junk mail folder . This problem, which mainly affects the registration processes of small websites, forced many operators to block all Hotmail addresses. There was a service for postmasters and network operators to find out about security problems from their own group of users.

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