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Voluntary military service (FWD) in Germany is an employment relationship for soldiers ( Section 58b Soldiers Act ) in a career of the Bundeswehr teams . It lasts at least 7 and a maximum of 23 months. Since the suspension of compulsory military service in Germany in 2011, it has been officially called " Voluntary military service as a special civic commitment ". Anyone who does voluntary military service is called voluntary military service provider ( FWDL ).


For conscripts as of 1 January 1996, the possibility was created to serve as voluntary military service providers up to 23 months with increased pay. After the general conscription has been suspended, voluntary military service is open to all suitable German women and men from the age of 17. The full-time compulsory education must have been met before.

A total of 8,618 volunteers are serving in the Bundeswehr (June 2020) , 1,610 of them women.

Differentiation from soldiers for a limited period

Soldiers who do voluntary military service in the Bundeswehr have a certain similarity to soldiers due to the voluntary nature of their service , but are not sworn in and receive benefits exclusively in accordance with the Military Wages Act (WSG) and the Maintenance Assurance Act (USG). Your employment relationship is based on Section 58b of the Soldiers Act and not on the provisions for temporary soldiers .


Voluntary military service is only performed in one career path of the teams. During the service period, if suitable and necessary, it is possible to take over as a temporary soldier and, if necessary, to change career. Those who leave the armed forces and at the same time as a reservist in a career of professional non-commissioned officers of the reserve , sergeant in the reserve or reserve officers change, in service end to sergeant and cadet promoted the reserve.

For the financial year 2017 were up to the maximum limit of 5,000  Corporal 3750, Corporal , 1875 Corporal and 1,875 soldiers (a total of 12,500  posts ) planned budget, at the same time for up to 3,000 reservists service providers on an annual average. From a financial point of view, the number of voluntary military service may be exceeded by the number of unused posts for professional and temporary soldiers.


After the third month of service at the earliest, soldiers are promoted to corporal, after six months at the earliest to corporal and after twelve months at the earliest to main corporal.


Those doing voluntary military service receive a military service allowance in addition to their military pay . The surcharge is € 16.50 per day from the first to the sixth month of service, € 22.50 per day from the seventh to the twelfth month of service, € 24.50 per day from the 13th to the 18th month of service and € 24.50 per day from the 19th to the 23rd month of service Month € 26.50 per day.

The military pay for those doing voluntary military service was increased by two euros on November 1, 2015 to € 11.41 to € 13.71 per day.

This gives them a monthly income that is free of social security contributions, some are tax-free and that exceeds € 1000 from the seventh month, as well as free accommodation, meals and free medical care. In addition, they receive a "special allowance" ( Christmas bonus ) and a discharge allowance of € 96 per month of service.

Since January 1, 2014, the following are taxable : military service allowance, special allowance, discharge allowance, increased military pay for special time burdens, special remuneration (comparable to hardship allowances) and meals. The daily military salary rate, double military salary when used abroad, foreign use surcharge, clothing, and free medical care are still tax- free. In special cases in which there is no obligation to live in shared accommodation, the accommodation is taxable. However, due to the low income and taking tax exemptions into account, the tax liability often has no effect (provided no other high income is incurred).

Voluntary military service (FWDLer for short) soldiers in general basic training (AGA for short) receive a monthly contribution of around € 1,500.00 as a soldier (not yet promoted).

Privates receive the same pay as soldiers.

Corporal (23 years old, married, 1 child) receive a monthly contribution of around € 1,650.00 gross.

Corporal (25 years old, married, 2 children) receive a monthly contribution of around € 1,900.00 gross.

Foreign assignment

With the obligation to do voluntary military service from twelve months, the applicant must agree to participate in foreign missions of the Bundeswehr . Whether it is used depends on the deployment of the respective unit and the use and level of training of the individual soldier.

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