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The cultural sovereignty of the federal states refers to the primary responsibility of the German federal states with regard to legislation and administration in the field of culture , i.e. in particular the responsibility for language , schools and universities , education , radio , television and the arts .

The cultural sovereignty of the country resulting in the German federalism from the areas of responsibility of the Basic Law ( Article 30 GG ): For items that do not explicitly as a competence title of the federal government are assigned the states are responsible. According to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court , cultural sovereignty is the "core of the statehood of the states". One also speaks of cultural federalism - this term is problematic under constitutional law, since in the area of ​​cultural sovereignty the federalism system typical of the Federal Republic of Germany is broken beyond the usual level of subsidiarity and the individual states (in this area the designation federal states inapplicable) act on the basis of their own, largely sovereign statehood; the federal government has no powers in this area.

In 1949, the Basic Law gave the federal states a cultural sovereignty, as they already had in the Weimar Republic . At the same time, the constitutional development towards federal and communal cultural sovereignty is related to the Allies' requirements for the state's responsibility for cultural policy .

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