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Sign on the fence to the Leipzig District Army Replacement Office, July 2011

The District Armed Forces Replacement Office ( KWEA ) was a lower federal authority of the territorial defense administration at local level (local authority) with the main task of ensuring the replacement of personnel for the Bundeswehr .

With the suspension of compulsory military service and the realignment of the Bundeswehr , the district military replacement offices were dissolved with effect from November 30, 2012. The newly created career centers of the Bundeswehr took over their tasks .

The comparable authority in the GDR was called the military district command .


The name District Armed Forces Replacement Office is made up of four components: District as the division of the republic by the Bundeswehr into (defense) districts. These do not correspond to the counties . Weir creates the reference to federal defense , so the defense (risks defense ) Germany ago. In German military language, substitute refers to the addition of the armed forces' personnel requirements. Office is the simple name for a public administration.

This rather rare four-part division regularly led to confusion during the pronunciation, even in the audiovisual media: The emphasis almost always fell on the third word component ( Kreiswehr ersatz amt ), which would have corresponded to a “replacement office” for or for the “Kreiswehr”. Now there was neither a “main office” for this supposed substitute office, nor a district armed forces - defense was and is a federal matter. It was rather an official of the district for alternative military so that the sense would be emphasized in accordance with the second word component: Circle military spare office .

District military replacement offices in Germany

District military replacement office in Ravensburg , 2011

Most recently there were 52 district military replacement offices and 7 sample centers in Germany.


The district military replacement offices had the following main tasks:

The district military replacement offices were not responsible for hiring regular soldiers . This was done by the centers for recruiting young people (careers of the crews, NCOs and sergeants) and the officer applicants examination center (careers of officers). However, the respective applicants were also examined by the responsible district military replacement office.

Anyone who wanted to refuse military service ( conscientious objector ) had to apply for recognition as a conscientious objector at the responsible district military replacement office. The tasks of the district military replacement offices in the context of conscientious objection, for example the examination boards , changed several times over the course of time.

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