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Under convening is meant the drawing of conscripts for military service after the military law or by former time soldiers and professional soldiers after Soldatengesetz . It takes place through the issuance of a draft notice (colloquially also called “ draft order ”) by the responsible District Armed Forces Replacement Office and is regulated in Section 21 of the Military Service Act (WPflG).

With the suspension of conscription in Germany on July 1, 2011, the convening omitted from basic military conscripts , but not the attraction of reservists to military services.

Procedure in Germany

According to Section 1 (1) WPflG , all men over the age of 18 who are Germans within the meaning of the Basic Law are conscripted in Germany. Due to the general limit of attraction, however, as a rule, all over 23 year olds are no longer used for service in the Bundeswehr . They are first through their relevant Kreiswehrersatzamt patterned and thus the goodness of fit determined. After this has been determined, the district military replacement office will send a draft notice to the future recruits, which contains all the necessary data to secure the future start of service.

For soldiers, compulsory military service ends at the end of the year in which the 45th year of life (for officers and NCOs, the 60th year of age) is reached ( § 3 Paragraph 3 + 4 WPflG). In the event of a state of defense or tension , the Bundeswehr is authorized to call up conscripts up to the end of the year in which they turn 60, in accordance with Section 3 (5) WPflG.

Reservists who are assigned to the personnel or reinforcement reserve are regularly and usually on a voluntary basis for military services. In the case of temporary soldiers who have been assigned, the use of other military services in addition to the conscription law is primarily based on the Soldiers Act.

The employment relationship or civil servant relationship is suspended from the day of the convocation . According to Section 6 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbPlSchG) there is a right to be reinstated . The dismissal prohibition of Section 32 of the Federal Civil Service Act also applies to civil servants who have been called up . The respective state civil servant laws are to be aligned according to the general commentary on public service law in accordance with K 54 to § 32 BBG. The civil servant relationship is suspended, with continued payment of salary , for the duration of military service in accordance with Section 9 ArbPlSchG.


In the Swiss armed forces it is called recruitment , in Austria it is called conscription in the armed forces; the position is the pattern . The purpose of the position is to identify the mental and physical strengths and weaknesses of conscripts. The position is to determine whether conscripts can do their military service in a function that corresponds to their abilities.

Further conceptual content

Under the legal concept convening refers to the formal invitation to a General Meeting , AGM , National Assembly , meeting , apartment owners' meeting or other meeting . The law often stipulates that these meetings must be called within a specific notice period. According to Section 123 (1 ) AktG, the invitation must be called at least thirty days before the day of the general meeting.

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