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Federal Language Office

BSprA Logo.svg
State level Federation
position Upper federal authority
Supervisory authority Federal ministry of defense
founding 4th July 1969
Headquarters Huerth , North Rhine-Westphalia
Authority management Dietmar Johannes Zimmer, President
Servants circa 975
Web presence www.bundessprachenamt.de

The Federal Language Office ( BSprA ) is a higher federal authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Defense and has been part of the personnel organization of the Bundeswehr since October 1, 2012 . The Federal Language Office is responsible for language training, language mediation ( interpreting and translation ) and terminology work for the Federal Armed Forces, all federal departments and for federal and state employees. The headquarters are in Hürth near Cologne , and there are also employees of the Federal Language Office at over 60 civil and military branches of the Bundeswehr in Germany and abroad. The Federal Language Office has around 975 employees.

The Federal Language Office is divided into three departments (language training, language mediation service and central affairs). As part of the realignment of the Bundeswehr , the military component was reclassified to Section ZA 4 (“Supervision of the military course participants”). The former senior officer is the head of unit and also the officer for matters relating to military personnel.

Language Training Department

The language training department (S) performs the following tasks:

  • Foreign language training for members of the armed forces and the military administration as well as for federal and state personnel in up to 47 languages
  • Training in " German as a Foreign Language " (DaF) for around 1,000 foreign soldiers and language teachers from around 60 nations every year
  • Support of preparatory German training at military facilities in 36 countries
  • Acceptance of skill-related and special language tests as well as placement tests
  • Creation of skill-related and technical language teaching, learning and testing materials
  • Development of basics for language training
  • Testing and using new media
  • Methodical and didactic instruction and advanced training as well as examiner training for language teachers of the Federal Language Office
  • Professional contacts to training institutions and universities in Germany and abroad
  • Recruiting young talent and professional selection process for language teachers at the Federal Language Office
  • Performing central specialist and departmental tasks

About 420 teachers, academic specialists, foreign language assistants and administrative staff are available at 35 training centers.

The language training department consists of 14 units. The department is divided into two cross-departmental service units, fundamental issues and basics of language training (S 1 and S 2), as well as 12 training units.

Language Intermediary Service Department

The assignment of the language intermediary service (SMD) includes:

  • Production of translations and interpreting assignments for clients from the BMVg business area and in administrative assistance for other areas of the public service
  • Coordination of the organizational and personnel measures in the SMD department, handling of fundamental matters relating to language mediation, exercising technical supervision
  • Recording, editing and provision of terminology for the language service of the German Armed Forces and for employees from the entire BMVg division
  • Testing and introduction of computer-aided translation aids and machine translation systems; Market observation
  • Support of the German contingents
  • Exercise of technical supervision of language service staff abroad
  • Participation in national and international language maintenance and language standardization committees
  • Cooperation with language and translation services at home and abroad
  • Basic instruction as well as usage and function-related training of language mediators
  • Recruitment and professional selection procedures for translators , interpreters , terminologists and foreign language assistants
  • Coordination of organizational and personnel measures in the SMD department, performance of central specialist tasks in language mediation

The SMD department is divided into 16 units: two units are entrusted with controlling, coordinating and department-wide support functions, while the other fourteen primarily handle translation and interpreting assignments from the entire business area of ​​the Federal Ministry of Defense .

Some of the sections are located at the headquarters of the Federal Language Office in Hürth, but some are also located as decentralized sections or sections of sections at various command authorities and institutions of the Bundeswehr in order to provide the foreign language services required by these offices directly on site.

Central Affairs Department

Gorch-Fock-Haus , in which the Federal Language Office S12, the language service at the Naval School Mürwik is located.

The Central Affairs Department (ZA) consists of five units with different tasks:

  • Organization, general administration
  • Household, service supervision
  • Legal affairs
  • Personnel matters
  • Technical operational support
  • Internal service, procurement matters
  • Supervision of the foreign course participants

Military Personnel Affairs Officer

In the course of the realignment, the function of the former senior officer and the military component led by him as a military service were integrated into the civil department structure of the Federal Language Office. The officer for affairs of the military personnel (BeAMilPers) is thus also the head of the Central Affairs Department (ZA) 4. He is responsible for the I and II inspections in Hürth as well as the III. Inspection at the Language Center East in Naumburg , the 4th inspection at the Language Center West in Münster and the V inspection at the Language Center South in Ellwangen . Section ZA 4 is responsible for the troop service management of the soldiers of the regular military personnel and the German military course participants as well as the support of foreign listeners.

President of the Federal Language Office

Dietmar Johannes Zimmer has been President of the Federal Language Office since May 2018 . The previous presidents of the Federal Language Office were:

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