Public service

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The public service (ÖD), colloquially also state service , is the field of activity of civil servants and other persons employed under public law (such as judges , soldiers and legal trainees ), as well as employees under private law ((collective) employees of public corporations , institutions or foundations ). The employment relationship of persons working in the public service on the basis of public law is called employment relationship . The public administration is part of the civil service. It serves the general interest .

In a broader sense, public service also includes work in international organizations such as the UN . In some countries, public service ministries are or have been established as government agencies for members of the public service.

National economy

The public service corresponds to the sector O - Public administration and defense of the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) or 84 / O Public Administration ; Defense ; Social insurance of the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community  (NACE Rev. 2, Switzerland: NOGA).

It plays an important role economically , the state (in its entirety at all administrative levels) is consistently the largest employer in a country.