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Linguist is an umbrella term for translators and interpreters .

In the training system of the GDR there was the academic degree of "Diplom-Sprachmittler". This course taught both interpreting and translating skills.

In the course of the development of translation and interpreting science (also translatology ) as an independent discipline in the second half of the 20th century, its representatives repeatedly suggested using the term translator for interpreters and translators ( Otto Kade 1968, Hans J. Vermeer and Katharina Reiss 1984). In contrast to linguistic mean, this designation indicates that interpreting and translating are expert activities that are not limited to linguistic operations alone. The translator's area of ​​responsibility also includes mediating between the original and target culture, if necessary adapting the information offered to the target text addressees and creating the target text in accordance with the conventions of the corresponding text type .