Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr

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Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr

State level Federation
position Higher federal authority
Supervisory authority Federal ministry of defense
founding October 1, 2012
Headquarters Koblenz , Rhineland-Palatinate
Authority management President
Gabriele Korb
Mil. Vice President
GM Gert Nultsch
Vice President
Annette Lehnigk-Emden
Servants 6800
Web presence Homepage

The Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Federal Armed Forces ( BAAINBw ), unofficially also referred to in the media as the Federal Armed Forces Procurement Office , is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defense and has the task of equipping the Federal Armed Forces with modern technology and equipment in line with requirements to ensure economic conditions. The core tasks are the development, testing and procurement of defense material . It is based in Koblenz and was founded on October 1, 2012 through the merger of the Federal Office for Defense Technology and Procurement and the Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the Bundeswehr .


President and two vice-presidents

  • Operational Control Unit, Executive Officer (OS Staff, GB)
  • Legal Office (J)


  • Program Organization (PMO)
  • Combat (K) leader: Colonel Jürgen Schmidt
    • Department Staff (KAS)
    • Department Controlling (KAC)
    • Economics and Technology Group (K1)
    • Economics and Law Group (K2)
    • Land-based air defense group, guided missiles for ships and aircraft, drop ammunition, anti-tank defense (K4)
    • Armored Combat and Transport Systems Group (K5)
    • Artillery, Infantry and Engineer Systems Group (K6)
  • Luft (L) Head: First Director at BAAINBw Ralph Herzog
    • Department Staff (LAS)
    • Department Controlling (LAC)
    • Economics / Technology Group, Basics LLZ * (L1)
    • Economics / Law Group (L2)
    • Group Imported Transport & Special Aircraft, TORNADO , Rescue, Special Aviation and Parachute Systems (L3)
    • Group of helicopters (without NH90 and variants) (L4)
    • Airborne and Space-Based Reconnaissance Systems Group, EloKa (L5)
    • Group EUROFIGHTER (L6)
    • Group A400M (L7)
    • Group NH90 (L8)
  • Sea (S) leader: Sea captain Andreas Czerwinski
  • Land support (U) Head: First Director at BAAINBw Rainer Krug
  • Information technology (I) Head: Brigadier General Michael Hauschild
  • IT support (G) Head: Colonel i. G. Dietmar Hartung
  • Special organization HERKULES (H) Head: Director at BAAINBw Bernd Plettemeier
  • Complex Services / Purchasing (E) Head: Director at BAAINBw Bettina Knappke
  • Technical, logistical and economic cross-sectional tasks (T) Head: Director at BAAINBw Ralf Baeumler
  • Center for Technical Quality Management (ZtQ)
  • Central Affairs (ZA)

Real estate

The administration management is housed in the Rhine property in Koblenz, the former seat of the Upper Presidium of the Rhine Province . Other large properties are in Koblenz-Rauental and Lahnstein (Deines-Bruchmüller-Kaserne).


The Federal Office has 6,800 posts , 1,700 of them military and 4,600 posts in the subordinate area. There are 2,200 vacant posts in the office, 280 of them military. 180 external management consultants work at the BAAINBw (as of September 2019). By 2022, 1,000 employees will leave the Federal Office due to their age. Engineers , lawyers, and economists face the greatest recruitment difficulties .

Scope of tasks

Former Prussian government building on the Rhine in Koblenz , headquarters of the BAAINBw

The product range of defense material ranges from weapon systems such as tanks , military aircraft and warships to personal equipment for soldiers such as uniforms , assault rifles , combat helmets and canteens . On the other hand, "research and technology projects" are processed and the defense material is technically supervised during use. These tasks are partly carried out in-house and partly carried out by outsourcing to the private sector. The office bears the overall responsibility from the development of technical solution proposals to the implementation and management of use to the separation and recycling of defense material.

As the central “buyer” of the Bundeswehr, the BAAINBw is therefore an important public client. Depending on the type of undertaking or project, contracts for research, development, procurement or maintenance are concluded, which reach an annual volume of four to five billion euros.

As part of this civil armed forces administration, the BAAINBw is responsible for carrying out all armaments projects.

Other areas of responsibility include a. the recycling of discarded defense material, the technical evaluation of foreign defense material, damage investigations, equipment and equipment assistance for some non-NATO countries as well as the training of officials for technical careers for the entire Bundeswehr.

The tasks of the office are described in the customer product management document with the analysis phase, implementation phase and use phase. To ensure quality, quality checks can be used in all phases of the project process (quality gates). Industry can be called in to support the Office at all stages. In the implementation phase, the office prepares the award of development and procurement contracts to the industry, carries out the award procedure and awards the contract. To this end, the industry is obliged to adhere to the NATO quality assurance requirements and to carry out verification tests before acceptance.


Due to the merger of the Federal Office for Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB) with the Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the Bundeswehr (IT-AmtBw) and the assumption of usage tasks that were previously carried out in other organizational areas of the Bundeswehr, the BAAINBw bears overall responsibility for the Equipment of the Bundeswehr, i.e. from the development of technical solution proposals through implementation and utilization control to the separation and recycling of defense material. The BAAINBw is thus the central technical service provider for the Bundeswehr and an important public client.

coat of arms

The background is the red cross on a white background, this is the Trier Cross or Georgskreuz , it symbolizes the affiliation to the Koblenz and Lahnstein locations. In the center of the coat of arms is the logo of the AIN department in the Federal Ministry of Defense. It consists of:

  • half a gear, which stands for equipment,
  • a technically represented federal eagle , as a sign of belonging to the Federal Republic of Germany and
  • an iron cross , as a sign of membership in the Bundeswehr.


The following subordinate authorities are active in the BAAINBw's business area:

The DtVStRü USA / CAN represents the defense technology and arms industry interests vis-à-vis American and Canadian bodies in the official and industrial sector.

The division also includes:

  • Quality test centers in Berlin, Bremen, Donauwörth, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Emden, Freiburg, Freisen, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Immenstaad, Kassel, Kiel, Koblenz, Cologne, London, Lübeck, Maintal, Manching, Munich, Nuremberg, Oberndorf, Ottobrunn, Ulm, Unterlüß, Unterschleißheim
  • Defense technology study collection Koblenz (part of BAAINBw)

Former subordinate agencies

Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 50 ° 21 ′ 29 ″  N , 7 ° 36 ′ 13 ″  E